Sat. May 18th, 2024

Everyone wants to stay updated with the latest trends in fashion, whether it is clothing or shoes. In particular, boots are an icon in the fashion retail industry with many trends between tall boots and ankle boots. However, if you are looking to update your wardrobe with some new pieces this year, you can find so many women’s clothes online tips by reading reviews on shoe companies such as EGO Shoes to help you find the latest trends to follow this spring season.

Four Boot Trends Spring 2022

There are four boot trends for this spring season for you to grab hold of when buying online, including skinny-heeled tall boots that differ in style between sky-high stilettos and flared-out base slim stilettos. In addition, tall slouchy boots have revived this year from the old-fashioned days when you could choose between suede, printed leather, or shiny-patent styles. Furthermore, the combat boot comes as a lace-up or zip-up with chunky bases and is perfect for your straight-cut jeans or denim skirt and with brands like Dr.Martens or Timberland for you to decide between. Lastly, the knee-high boot made its way back onto the platform by replacing over-the-knee boots. The knee-high flaunts a slimmer heel while adding a spin to your outfit, which you can wear with pair of jeans or a dress. Moreover, It is insane how these four boot trends can elevate your everyday look by taking your simple t-shirt and blue jeans and turning it into something sexy.

How to Style Your Tall Boots This Spring

Although boot trends are not consistent, tall boots (knee-high) are considered a staple in your wardrobe for almost any occasion. However, you should consider the various colors and materials you might want to incorporate into your outfit before deciding on a definite boot style. For example, black and brown are the most common knee-high boots you can find on the shelf and differ between suede and leather lining. However, whether you are dressing or down, you can pair your black leather pointy-toe knee-high boots with a printed skirt, a neutral tone sweater, and a black leather handbag to end things with an echo. On the other hand, you can style your brown suede tall boots with an off-shoulder one-piece or black denim skirt and a creamy lace-up camisole for an evening festival.

Online Stores That Stock Quality Boots

With research applied, a few online stores offer exclusive deals and never-ending sales on trending boots this spring. These stores include Zappos, Sheplers, Urban Outfitters, Mango, L.L. Bean, and Revolve. Each of these stores provides its own contemporary yet hip touch to its products that keep you coming back for more each Spring year.

How to Tell If Your Boots Are Quality

The best way to tell if your boots are quality is by considering the material, the grip, the shank, and the fit. Firstly, ensure that your boot is made from full-grain leather to ensure your comfort and how long it lasts. Secondly, your boot grip should be able to handle wet surfaces while looking sleek. Next, the shank of your boot surrounds your foot, protects your feet from any punctures, and provides stability. Finally, if your shoes do not fit, don’t buy them! This is the most critical factor to consider because it will reveal whether your shoe is the shape of your foot which ultimately determines the comfort of your shoe.

By SiGadis