Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

If there is anything constant about fashion, it is that it is bound to evolve. From the ‘grunge fashion’ of the early 1990s, which highlighted ripped jeans, flannel shirts, combat boots, and hiking boots, to the vintage outfits and skinny jeans of the 21st Century hipster fashion, the fashion world has always been fluid.

In the present day, trends, especially in women’s fashion, are created somewhat otherworldly.

The women’s fashion mania has extended from dresses, to fashion accessories. With multiple sources of accessories for ladies, the average woman must always be abreast of the latest fashion trends to stay relevant.

Women’s Fashion and Accessories in 2020

As the second decade of the 21st-century dawns on us, it brings its unique clothing and accessories trends. So far, the trending women’s fashion and accessories in 2020 include;


It’s relatively easy to think of diamonds, rings, bags, and watches, but the face masks are by far the most influential ‘fashion pieces’ in 2020. Facemasks have become exceedingly indispensable and popular due to the ravaging coronavirus pandemic, and fashion houses have capitalized on this. Numerous famous and lesser-known fashion brands have styled facemasks and put them on sale to consumers.

Mask chains also tag along with face masks and are also increasing in popularity.

Worn every day by almost everybody, from celebrities to the middle-classed woman, it wouldn’t be ludicrous to say facemask is the new craze.


Bags are maybe the most essential and commonly used accessory in women’s fashion. Trendy bag options in 2020 include sling bags, clutch handheld bags, handbags, tasseled bags, bucket bags, and strain leather bags. Other very stylish alternatives are top-handle bags, crossbody bags, women’s pocketbooks, shoulder bags, backpacks, bowling bags, lady bags, waist bags, athletic & functional bags, luggage, and trunks. The chain handle for bag design has also been on the increase. 

Women Shoes

A study has shown that when a person spots you, they notice your shoes first. While not all women are aware of this, they take footwear seriously. Fads creeping into women’s shoes are different chain design inclusions, espadrilles, slingback loafers, vivid knee-high boots, lace-up shoes & sandals, leather platform ankle boots, rejuvenating Mary Jane designs, and modest toe-ring leather designs.

Color Trends

Clothing designs and accessories are integral in fashion. Likewise, trendy color selections are indispensable. The 2020 color trends for women’s clothing include the evergreen white, the pink, Biscay green, scarlet red, ballet pink, saffron, orange peel, light brown, coral pink, chive, pistachio green, and the classic faded denim.

General Styling Trends

Individual fashion items make a bolder statement when combined or depicted in specific ways; how are women doing this in 2020? Easily noticeable is the pastel bucket hat, which has gained popularity with the new decade’s advent. More women are wearing shoes over pants, likewise the grunge fashion chunky boots with dresses. Winter is coming, and so we expect to see vaster use of faux leather coats and jumpsuits.

Charm Accessories

Charms jewelry, including beaded jewels, gold bracelets, anklets, bangles, pendants, necklaces, and earrings, has a long history but increases in popularity. Other essential trendy accessories include watches, neckties, veils, sunshades, scarves, stockings, cigarette lighters, water bottle holders, Apple watch holders, earpod holders, pencil holders, and hands-off bags.

In 2020, the global coronavirus pandemic, in many ways, hit a lot of industries. Women’s fashion was not left out, as the effect of this new reality reflects on designs, fashion items and accessories, and even their prices. However, trends are unstoppable, and women still embrace their inherent fashionableness.

By SiGadis