Arriving at the airport is the official starting point of the holiday. From here, you have the opportunity to relax and shop for some of the best products on the market all before you hop onto your flight. Looking presentable whilst staying comfy in your airport outfit is hard to balance. On the one hand, you want to look pretty and stylish, but on the other hand, you want to be as settled as possible for the long journey ahead. There is a right way and a wrong way to be comfortable whilst looking your best in the airport, and your fashion choices are important. In this blog post, we will share some of the style considerations you should be taking to create a memorable ensemble that also allows you to feel relaxed and content during the long journey.

Thick socks

First things first, your socks are more important than you think. If you are flying from a hot country, or even flying to a hot country, you should keep in mind the importance of having thick socks to wear during the flight. Not only does it get cold on the plane when you are that high up in the sky, but your feet are also susceptible to swelling up due to the higher altitude. Wear comfortable compression socks that prevent your feet from swelling, whilst also keeping you warm during the journey.

Breathable two-piece sets

Two-piece sets are a staple option if you want to achieve the put-together look with minimal effort. Stylish and chic, there are so many two-piece sets to choose from. Pair some boyfriend shorts with a matching top and tennis jacket, or even go full tracksuit with a soft material that can put you to sleep during the flight. Make sure the sets also are breathable, however, as it might get uncomfortable once you arrive in the hotter country if you are wearing cotton layers.

Seamless leggings

Seamless leggings are also a great option to add to your airport fit if you are looking for that second-skin feeling. They are breathable, and also quick drying, therefore, any spilled drinks will not hinder the progress of your journey. Pair seamless leggings with a seamless matching crop top, and bring a hoodie just in case you need extra layers on the flights.

Cushioned trainers

What you wear on your feet is also very important. Make sure that the footwear of your choice is comfortable to stand in as you wait in the long airport queues, and also light enough to carry if you choose to wear different footwear on your way home. Chunky trainers might be too bulky to walk around in, so make sure they have breathable and lightweight technology to make them feel secure yet airy.

Overall, airport outfits should not be worn solely to look great, but also to keep you restful throughout the journey. Keep the climate of the country you are going to in mind, and also consider how cold the plane can be. Pack a comfortable loungewear set, comfy shoes, and thick socks, and you are good to go!

By SiGadis