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Women must know what a corset is. Many women believe that wearing a shapewear bodysuits can provide good benefits for the body. But did you know that in addition to providing good benefits for the body, a corset can also have its own impact if used excessively. So, so that you are not confused, let’s discuss first what are the benefits of using a corset.

1. Flatten the Distended Stomach and Wavy

The pressure from the corset that is used can suppress a distended stomach so that the fat in it will be destroyed slowly and the stomach will look flatter. The fat that is destroyed will also have an impact on the loss of baldness which can be very detrimental to appearance, especially when a person sits, especially for women.

2. Effective for Postpartum

The use of corsets on women after childbirth has been very popular in Indonesian society. Corsets are proven to be effective in slowly returning a woman’s stomach to the same shape as it was before pregnancy. The effectiveness and function of using a corset for the mother after giving birth will increase if it is used at bedtime regularly.

As for this, it is closely related to the position of a postnatal woman while sleeping, which tends not to move much so as to facilitate the formation of body parts in accordance with the pressure from the corset. However, make sure that after giving birth, either through normal delivery or surgery on the abdomen, the pain has subsided before using a corset.

3. Helps Reduce Appetite

The benefits of wearing a corset while sleeping can also help reduce appetite. The pressure exerted by the corset will make you feel fuller so that your appetite decreases. However, this is not based on scientific evidence, it is based solely on anecdotal evidence.

4. Improve Posture

Another benefit of the corset is that the corset is considered to be able to improve posture. However, this is actually a cause for concern, because wearing a corset too often can weaken your core muscles, making your posture even worse, and causing back discomfort. So better, don’t push yourself too much!

5. Make the Sitting Position More Straight

Did you know that sitting position really determines the image and impression you bring when dealing with other people. Take a look at the presenters and talk show guest stars, almost none of them are sitting hunched over or not upright. In addition to the matter of habit, such a position is also greatly helped by the use of a waist trainer wholesale during the event. This is because sitting up straight can give a person a positive image.

The use of a corset when sleeping is considered quite capable of forming this sturdy body position. So that it will carry over and become your habit when you wake up and carry out daily activities. In addition to beautifying the body because it can tighten the thighs, corsets are also very important in improving your appearance.

6. Make the Body More Shape

Wearing a corset, whether sleeping or not, is thought to make the waist slimmer, hips more curvy, and breasts more prominent. This point further says that long-term use of a corset will train the body to maintain that shape.

7. Lose Weight

This point is one of the things that women look for the most. In addition to the above functions, wearing a corset is also considered to be able to lose weight significantly. This is closely related to the pressure from the corset in the abdomen which will make the stomach depressed. Uniquely, corset users will not feel hungry in this way, so the corset is suitable for those who are on a diet because they will not feel hungry easily.

8. Make Significant Change

Some opinions show that wearing a corset at bedtime can make a significant difference in efforts to form a more ideal body posture. Reduced waist circumference, flattened distended stomach and loss of fat, and fuller waist and breasts.

This can happen after wearing a corset while sleeping. This is mentioned because it has been experienced by many users. That’s why, even though they don’t wear corsets all day long from FeelingirlDress Black Friday, many wearers never miss wearing them while sleeping because the effects and functions really feel for them.

The Impact of Excessive Corset Wear

In addition to the various benefits when wearing a corset, it turns out that there are also some risks when wearing a corset that you should pay attention to.

1. Interfere with Breathing

The corset can compress your chest and limit the extent to which your chest expands. This can reduce lung capacity by 30-60 percent. That way, the body does not get enough oxygen, causing respiratory problems.

2. Increase Stomach Acid

Although there are a number of claims regarding the benefits Don’t wear a corset, in fact it can actually increase stomach acid. Especially if you use a corset while sleeping. This happens because the excess pressure from the corset hinders the work of your digestive system.

3. Disturbing Sleep

Wearing a corset while sleeping can interfere with your restful sleep. Because the pressure on the corset can cause discomfort. Lack of sleep can cause you to feel lethargic the next day. Are you ready for this?

4. Reduced Muscle Strength

The use of corsets that are too often assessed can reduce muscle strength in the core of the body. As a result, your back will feel uncomfortable. In addition, a corset that is too tight is also at risk of causing rib fractures.

The benefits of wearing a corset can make the body slimmer and in shape. This benefit is derived from the pressure exerted by the corset. However, the benefits of wearing a corset also get a lot of criticism. This is because the habit of excessive use is considered harmful to health.

By SiGadis