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Find Out The Benefits And Efficacy Of Amethyst

For fans of gemstones, of course, you will be familiar with amethyst. Reportedly, this type of rock has many properties and is sold at high prices in the market. Why? Read More Below!

Amethyst is a quartz mineral rock that is found in nature. Thanks to its beauty, amethyst is highly sought after by collectors; both local and overseas. Although it is famous for its purple color, there is amethyst which has several other colors, such as blue and pink.

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Many people are looking for this stone because Amethyst is believed to have many properties and has its uniqueness. Some even say the efficacy of amethyst to the supernatural dimension. Want to know more about this rock? Listen to the points below, yes!

1. Stress and Tired

How to use it is similar to other alternative rocks.

First, warm the amethyst by soaking it in warm water for a while.

After feeling hot, massage gently on body parts, such as the shoulders, palms, and feet, as well as on the face. Do it slowly and make sure the temperature of the stone is safe for the skin.

2. Able to Tighten Skin

Well, in some places of beauty, the properties of amethyst are even useful as a beauty roller. For usage. Apply evenly to the face area on the cheeks, forehead, and forehead. Rub for 15 minutes.

3. Cure Insomnia

For those of you who often have difficulty sleeping or experience insomnia, the next benefit of amethyst is that it can be a medium to overcome this, lo. Amethyst can be made in the form of bracelets, necklaces, or prayer beads.

To get the effect the body will feel relaxed and light which can make it easier for your eyes to fall asleep at night is to use the stone.

4. Non-Medical Efficacy

For those who believe, the benefits of amethyst are a material that can increase positive energy and calm the heart. In addition, the aura of someone wearing amethyst was said to radiate brightly.

Believe it or not, amethyst is transformed into a precious stone that is often hunted by collectors. Moreover, it does not require special care. Very simple, warm water and ordinary soap are used. The cleaning media can use a soft cloth or a toothbrush.

5. Efficacy of Amethyst

Finally, we will discuss the efficacy of amethyst. This type of amethyst is believed to have many non-medical properties, such as:

• Male users will look more handsome;

• For women, he will look more attractive;

• Can get lucky, especially in terms of career;

• Increase attractiveness;

• People around will love you more, and so on.

By SiGadis