Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

We all face chapped, cracked, sunburned, or dry lips not only in winter but in summer too. Or some of us have a habit of biting our lips which causes rawness and sores. As a result, our smiles, selfies, and, most importantly, our looks get ruined. Even we cannot hide it with makeup. And that’s not enough; sometimes dry lips also cause itching and inflict pain. 

Some people may advise you to lick your lips, but that is not a good idea because it will lead to further dehydration. We have bought the right solution for you, which is lip butter. You can use lip butter to hydrate, maintain natural moisture levels, and leave lips soft and smooth. As a base, lip butter contains shea butter, olive butter and cocoa butter. 

Benefits of Lip Butter 

  • Good lip butter provides the hydration your lips need. 
  • Maintain your lip’s natural moisture balance. 
  • It repairs chapped lips and elevates your look
  • Lip butter makes your lips plumper and healthier. 
  • Lip butter protects your new skin cells. 
  • You can apply lip butter before lipstick, as it does not look cracked and peeled. 
  • Lip butter prevents burning from spicy food and weather. 
  • They are very long-lasting and prevent ageing. 

Lip Butter vs Lip Balm 

  • You can use both lip butter and lip balm to protect your lips. 
  • Lip butter is a moisturising formula that provides your lips with extra nourishment. On the other hand, lip balm is a wax-like substance that you can use to resolve skin issues. 
  • Lip butter hydrates and maintains natural moisture, whereas lip balm only has moisturising properties. 
  • Lip butter has a creamier and thicker substance, whereas lip balm has a different feel because of its ingredients. 
  • Lip butter is usually made with natural ingredients, whereas lip balm does not contain natural ingredients. 

Best Lip Butter to Nourish Your Lips

Last but not least, choosing the suitable butter for lips. We have shortlisted some lip butter that will help you fix your lips. 

Himalaya Natural Moisturising Lip Butter 

Himalaya natural moisturising lip butter is made with natural Vitamin E that hydrates, soothes, and repairs chapped lips. This lip butter promotes healing and prevents the lip from drying or cracking. Enriched with the goodness of cocoa and sal butter that keeps your lips moisturised all day. It will keep your lips smooth and supple. It is also a good lipstick base which means you can apply it before lipstick also. It does not contain any toxic chemicals like artificial colours and silicones. It is best for dry lips and has a mild fruity fragrance. It is suitable for women. 

Organic Harvest Lily Lip Butter 

Organic harvest-coloured lip butter helps to replenish the lips from further damage and acts extra protective on the surface of your lips to keep them hydrated and nourished. This organic lip butter does not cause itching. It is highly moisturising but still feels light on the lips. This lip butter comes with the goodness of jojoba oil, shea butter and olive oil. It keeps your lips moisturised for 7-8 hours. It is free from harmful chemicals like mineral oil and paraben. Also, it does not feel sticky. This lip butter balm gives you soft and smooth lips. 

Bliscent Raspberry Lip Butter 

Bliscent raspberry lip butter contains nourishing oils and butter like olive oils and shea butter to protect your lips. The perfect combination of natural oil helps to nourish and soothe lips. Fatty acids in olive oil repair skin cells and help bring natural lip colour. It is natural and cruelty-free. It is a unisex lip balm butter that provides healthy and nourished lips. It heals your dry and chapped lips. You should use it daily for the best results. It has a mild raspberry fragrance. It is an ideal lip butter. 

Khadi Essential Wild Rose Lip Butter with Rose Petals, Cocoa and Turmeric 

The khadi essential lip butter is enriched with wild rose petals packed with the best natural oil. The sugar stimulates and locks the moisture, and geranium oil eliminates dead skin cells and promotes the growth of new skin cells. Plus, the shea butter improves blood circulation, rejuvenating your lips for conditioned and nourished lips. This lip butter soothes the lip’s skin and hydrates your lips, making them plumper. It is beneficial for chapped, damaged, dry, and sensitive lips. It is 100% natural and suitable for both men and women. 

So that’s all! One last tip for you guys, use lip butter twice a day because we usually wash our face at least twice, and the lip butter does not last after washing. You can buy these lip butter online from Health & Glow. So go and get your beautiful lips back now!

By SiGadis