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Zhang Yimou Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Zhang Yimou Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. Chinese filmmaker. He graduated from the Beijing Film Institute. Its promotion was the fifth that was graduated in the Institute, and when coinciding in her several prestigious filmmakers, would happen to be known like the Fifth Generation, of which Yimou would be its maximum exponent. His career began in accordance with the studies he had done; That is, as a camera, premiering in Guanxi Studios with One and eight, the film of another filmmaker belonging to his own promotion: Zhang Jun-Zhao.

Already with this facet would start to reap prizes: received the Golden Rooster, Award for the Best Image, by Tierra Amarilla, by Chen Kaige. But Yimou was tempted by everything that had to do with the cinema, to one side and another of the camera and soon began to dedicate itself to the interpretation, demonstrating that it would triumph in any cinematographic activity in which it made incursion, when winning with the old one Well, by Sun Wang-Quan, the Best Male Performance Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival in 1987.

Zhang Yimou net worth

Zhang Yimou

Red sorghum was not only his first title as director, but the first commercially released modern film in China. Until then, the works of the Fifth Generation had only been seen in the United States, at festivals and universities. Red sorghum tells the story of a young woman who takes over the reins of her plantation when her husband dies, an old leper with whom she was forced to marry. It is a romantic and symbolic melodrama that advocates the kind of social denunciation Yimou will continue to make throughout his cinematography.

It is also the beginning of his joint career with Gong Li, which will continue with six more titles, until after the Shanghai La Joya takes place the romantic break of the couple. Red sorghum has the quality of a fairy tale and already announces the importance that Yimou grants to the images, not only as a fascinating aesthetic element, but as a facade of a deeper interpretation. In the case of Red sorghum, Yimou takes advantage to make an allegorical writing that highlights the benefits of collective work; Which denounces capitalist exploitation, combated by the union of the only ones who can bear fruit from the earth: those who work it. The film won in 1988 the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. This was the way in which Yimou inaugurated its race.

Seed of chrysanthemum resumes the relation old-young master wife, binomial that will become another constant in the cinema of Yimou. The film was banned in China, but international festivals welcomed it warmly. He won the Best Director Award at Cannes and Hugo de Oro in Chicago, and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. The protests of the Chinese were aimed at a reading that for Westerners could be tricky: for them was a political fable in which the merchant would represent the old Maoist order and the child, the Red Guard. Gong Li consecrated himself in the small universe of Chinese stars.

In 1991 the red lantern was released (Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival), which is now considered, from a distance, the most perfect film of Yimou, who decided to temporarily abandon the period titles with his next production, QiuJu, a Chinese woman. After the great dramas that collected part of the Chinese theatrical tradition, QiuJu (Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival) is the closest thing to a comedy that Yimou had filmed to date; Is sometimes close to European neorealism, boosted by the fact that only the three main actors are professionals. The story focuses on how a kick in the crotch, given by a cacique to one of its workers, mobilizes the absurd mechanics of the bureaucracy in search of justice, undertaken by the woman of the aggressor who, moreover, is in an advanced state Of gestation.

Net Worth of Zhang Yimou

The Net Worth of Zhang Yimou in 2017 is $100 Million.

Much tougher is his next title, ¡Viva !, which won the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 1994, and which shows itself as a historical chronicle of China between the 1940s and 1980s, through a family. Even showing the changes of power, Live! It is not an eminently political film. In fact, the political background of Yimou’s history is always hidden behind the individual stories, those that can reach the public more easily. To show how a modest family undergoes the events of historical events is narratively more rewarding than focusing the narrative on those same facts.

In ¡Vivir !, once again the female character is empowered in front of everything else and of course, in front of the masculine. Gong Li is able to convey the psychological universe of Yimou and his character, that of an unknown heroine. She is able to face everything that would reduce the hope of anyone, for a simple desire: that of having a quiet life with her husband.

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