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Yul Brynner Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Yul Brynner Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. American film actor of Russian origin. He received his great opportunity in 1951 with the king’s role in the Broadway musical The King and I, for which he received countless awards and unanimous praise from critics. After performing 1,246 functions of this show, he went to Hollywood, where he repeated the success in the film version (El Rey y yo, 1956), which won him the Oscar for best actor. As the most visible physical feature of the character who had given him popularity was the shaved head, Brynner made his own thereafter, and definitely, that image; Was his mark of identity in the many films that had him as a star, irregular quality films in which the actor interpreted characters endowed with a mysterious magnetism.




The life and origins of Yul Brynner always remained under a halo of mystery that he himself was in charge of feeding. When he did not say that he was a Swiss half and a half Japanese named Taidje Khan and born on the island of Sakhalin in Siberia, he declared that his mother was a Romanian gypsy and that he belonged to the saga of the Pitoêff. The truth is that, thanks to his biography, published by his son Yul Rock Brynner II in 1989, it was learned that he was the son of Boris Bryner, a Swiss engineer and inventor of Mongolian origin, and Marousia Blagavidova, the daughter of a Russian doctor . Although he was called Jules in honor of his grandfather, he very soon adopted the diminutive of Yul, with which he would become famous.


When his father abruptly left the family, his mother took Yul and his sister Vera to Harbin, China, where he attended his first studies. In 1934, the family moved to Paris and Yul was enrolled in a high-class institute, the Lycée Moncelle, which he attended little. Finally, he left his studies to devote himself to music, playing guitar among Russian gypsies in Paris nightclubs, where he met personalities such as the poet and filmmaker Jean Cocteau. He managed to enter as an apprentice in the Theater of the Mathurins, in Paris, where he first began as a stagehand and then as an actor.


Due to his fantastic physical abilities, he managed to work as a trapeze artist at the celebrated Hiver Circus. In 1941, after a serious accident that ruined his career as an acrobat, he traveled to the United States to study Dramatic Art with Professor Michael Chekhov, whose company (the Chekhov’s Theatrical) toured the country, representing different works. That same year, with the stage name Youl Bryner, he made his debut in New York with Twelfth Night, which enabled him to be hired in several of the first television series of those experimental years.




Shortly thereafter, he achieved a huge success on the Broadway charts with the play Lute Song, and, already married to actress Virginia Gilmore (the “Myra” of Yankees Pride), was hired by CBS as director of T.V. series. After an ill-fated test with the Universal in 1947, in which he was rejected for being “too oriental”, he finally made his debut on the big screen in 1949, with Laszlo Benedek’s New York Harbor, a small noir film in which he appeared with hair.


Two years later, in 1951, in the year in which Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein II prepared their theater-musical adaptation of Margaret Landon’s book Anna and the King of Siam, Mary Martin recommended him for the role that would make him famous, Energetic king of Siam in the work King and I, of which he offered more than a thousand representations with the same personage. Brynner, who had captivated audiences from the very beginning, repeated the film version, also entitled Walter Lang’s King and I (1956).


The character pursued him practically all his life, since, in 1972, also recreated it for a television series titled Anna and the King, next to Samantha Eggar in the role of the governess, interpreted in the version of 1956 beautifully by Deborah Kerr. Splendid decorations, costumes and photography, beautiful musical numbers and songs and a comic treatment of the conflicts between Anna and the King characterize a film where Yul Brynner reigns above all, who was said with absolute reason that he was born to be king Of Siam. For the film of 1956 obtained Oscar to the best actor.

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