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William Powell Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

William Powell Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. (Pittsburgh, 1892 – Palm Springs, 1984) American film actor, one of the most elegant and refined who achieved fame in Hollywood in the thirties. Incarnated famous detectives, malicious villains and distinguished gallants, and formed Myrna Loy one of the most remembered couples in the cinema.

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William Powell Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

William Powell

After studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Art, he took his first steps on the stage of Broadway in 1912, where he completed a trajectory full of success. He entered the world of cinema in 1922 – in which he began to appear in credits like William H. Powell – when it was part of the distribution of When Knighthood Was in Flowe, of Vignola.

He played numerous villain roles, a cycle he began with the role of Professor Moriarty in the film Sherlock Holmes (1922), by Albert Parker. He demonstrated his professional prowess by assuming the personality of detective Philo Vance in films like Who Killed Her? (1929), by Malcolm St. Clair; The house of the four chimneys (1929) and the body of the crime (1930), both of Frank Tuttle, Killing in the shade (1933), of Michael Curtiz, among others.

During the dumb period he worked on other films such as Alan Crosland’s Under the Purple Cardinal (1923), Allan Dwan’s Godlessness (1926), Once a Prince Erase. (1927) by Howard Hawks, The Last Order (1928) by Josep von Sternberg, and in the first version of Lothar Mendes’s Four Feathers (1929) with Fay Wray. In the early 1930s he was also placed under the orders of directors such as John Cromwell (1930), and William Dieterle (Lawyer, 1933, The Altar of Fashion, 1934).

Promoted by one of the most important producers of the American film industry, David O. Selznick, he demonstrated a great capacity for comedy and in this genre he formed one of the most representative couples of the thirties alongside Myrna Loy. The first time they formed a partner was in Public Enemy No. 1 (1934), by Woody S. Van Dyke, a job offered by Selznick.

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William Powell total worth

William Powell

They were the ideal pair of Metro Goldwyn Mayer. Together they consolidated the series El hombre delgado, adaptation of the work of Dashiell Hammett, in which it was learned to bring together very well the background of the thriller with a tone of comedy very much to the taste of the public. In this frame, they intervened in films like the Dinner of the accused (1934), Ella, him and Asta (1936) and Another meeting of accused (1939), all directed by van Dyke (William like the detective Nick Charles and Myrna like his Wife Nora). It was a splendid time for the artistic interests of both actors, because many viewers enjoyed all their adventures, which made them a fashionable couple (they came to compete in popularity with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers).

William was represented, from mid-1930s by Myron Selznick, the most important agent of Hollywood actors, who managed his participation in other films, especially his masterful characterization of Florenz Ziegfeld in The Great Ziegfeld (1936) , By Robert Z. Leonard, and in Ziegfeld Follies (1945) by Vincente Minnelli.

Net Worth of William Powell

The Net Worth of William Powell is $8 million.

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Full Name William Powell
Net Worth $8 Million
Annual Income$1.5 Million

In the mid-1950s, after taking part in How to Marry a Millionaire (1953) by Jean Negulesco and Scale in Hawaii (1955) by John Ford and Mervyn Le Roy, he decided to leave the cinema; He could no longer find papers that gave him interpretive credibility. He was married to Carole Lombard (with whom he appeared in the service of the ladies, 1936) and Jean Harlow (with whom he worked in The Untamed, 1935, and A Refined Woman, 1936).

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