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William Holden Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

William Holden Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. (William Franklin Beedle, O’Fallon, 1918 – Santa Monica, 1981) American film actor. A member of a wealthy family, everything seemed to indicate that he would follow the family tradition and become a chemist; However, it soon became clear that he preferred to engage in the world of interpretation. He started on the radio and from there he went to the theater, until the cinema knocked on his door. A representative of actors noticed that handsome boy with an excellent voice and introduced him to the world of cinema, although World War II meant for the young actor to make a good parenthesis in his career, because during most of the contest served his country as Member of the Air Force.

William Holden

During that decade, however, he distinguished himself as a more than acceptable westerns performer such as Arizona (1940), Wesley Ruggles, Texas (1941), George Marshall, or Henry Levin’s The Man from Colorado (1948). But the great success comes with Twilight of the Gods (1950), one of those films that have made history for various reasons. Firstly, by the excellent direction of Billy Wilder, with an original narrative approach, in which through the vision of a dead – Holden himself, through a flashback, we witness the decline of the stars of the Hollywood of the silent period. Gloria Swanson was in the film the declining actress that maintained at its expense to the scriptwriter and lover Joe Gillis, paper that represented an extraordinary Holden. They also made small cameos old glories like the producer Cecil B. DeMille.

Thanks to that role, William Holden became a star and began his true takeoff in the world of cinema. He proved that it was something more than a job and that he was an actor with a great capacity to assume various roles, although it was in the dramatic record in which he seemed to be more at ease. In this way he got the Oscar for best actor for Traitor in Hell (1953), with Billy Wilder again in the direction. It was 1953 and Holden, who would not stop his upward career, received the favor of the public.

In the late fifties he plays in three memorable films. The first was Picnic (1956), by Joshua Logan, where his partner, Kim Novak, was one of the most torrid interpretive complements of the cinema of those years. He later participated in The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957), a film of extraordinary repercussion. Directed by David Lean, it was undoubtedly one of his masterpieces, rewarded with a good number of Oscar. Although it was Alec Guinness who took the role of greatest strength in the film, Holden, as a prison officer who manages to escape from the Japanese concentration camp, obtained an important triumph. It had a prominent paper, finally, in Mission of audacious (1959), a western directed by the classic John Ford. Sharing the billboard with the best specialist of the sort, as it was John Wayne, William Holden gave life to a medical officer who accompanies a detachment of cavalry, that during the American civil war infiltrates the lines of the confederates. The opposing psychologies of the two leading actors make the film stand, much better than others, the passage of time.

Gloria Swanson and William Holden in

The Twilight of the Gods (1950)

During the sixties and seventies he was more selective in choosing his works, which allowed him to remain among the most valued actors of Hollywood. In The World of Suzie Wong (1961), by Richard Quine, was a painter in love with a Japanese girl. These were the years when Japan came out of the defeat of World War II and began its economic resurgence. American cinema, so sensitive to these things, was also beginning to give a different view of relations between the two countries.

Encounter in Paris (1964), again of Richard Quine, was a nice comedy in which Holden incarnated to a scriptwriter of cinema that prepares a new script and looks for a secretary, paper that interpreted the delicate Audrey Hepburn. Holden was already a man more than mature, but assumed the new situation with naturalness and without any resentment. The difference of age between the actors impregnated the development of the sentimental situation between them of a special touch, sweetly erotic. Already as a man almost at the beginning of old age, he acted in another film that meant a renewal of the western genre: Wild Group (1969), with which Sam Peckinpah, its director, gained great popularity.

Net Worth Of William Holden

The Net Worth of William Holden in 2017 is $ 23 Million.

William Holden continued to work, although the frequency of filming fell considerably; Appeared in a typical film of catastrophes, so tasteful of the seventies, The colossus in flames (1974), of John Guillermin. Four years later, Wilder made him act in the excellent and melancholy Fedora, a work that was a remembrance of artists in decline.

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