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Will Smith Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Will Smith Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. Singer and American actor. Attractive and funny, the story of Will Smith is that of a young African American who began his artistic career as a rap singer but whose fluency and particular angel before the television cameras allowed him very soon to become an actor of overwhelming success. He managed to properly channel his fame and today is one of the most sought after and stable actors in the Hollywood box office, who also lives happily married to actress Jada Pinkett Smith.

Willard Christopher Smith Jr. was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on November 25, 1968. He was an awake child with a knack for singing, acting, and getting away with all the problems of a teenager. Precisely his teachers remember that this grace earned him the nickname of Fresh Prince in his high school. Over time his millions of followers around the world would know him with this same nickname.

Will Smith Net Worth

will smith

While still very young Will Smith joined his friend Jazzy to form the rap group DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. Their success was so important that they got to get two Platinum albums and a Grammy. Between the years 1987 and 1993 they recorded five discs, some of them so well-known as Rock the House or Code Red. Time later Will would have the opportunity to continue solo his musical race. In 1997 Big Willie Style appeared in the market, followed by Willenium (1999), Born to reign (2002) and Lost and Found, released in 2005.

The facet of Will Smith as a singer is undoubtedly important but still more his career as an actor. In 1990, when he was a young rapper with some success, the North American television network NBC hired him to star in the series The Prince of Bel Air, produced by Warner. His plot drew heavily on Will’s own life and reflected his character and the adventures he experienced in moving to Los Angeles. Fun, fresh and with a point of certain irreverence towards many of the myths of the country, this series was a great success that overflowed all the most optimistic forecasts. His friend Jazzy Jeff also had a small role in the series, Jazz.

The Prince of Bel Air became a worldwide television phenomenon that allowed Will Smith to give his big jump to the world of cinema without problems. In this way, in 1993 he participated in the filming of Made in America and Six degrees of separation and from that moment his work continued in great cinematographic productions like Bad Boys or Independence Day, his true consecration as actor in the big screen.

It is possible to be said that since its debut the majority of successes of the American box office has counted on Will in its distribution: Men in Black (I and II), Public enemy, Wild wild west, The legend of Bagger Vance and Bad Boys confirm this tendency in his career.

Net Worth of Will Smith 

The Net Worth of Will Smith in 2017 is $260 Million.

Nevertheless, in the year 2001 the actor decided to demonstrate his interpretative talent and agreed to star in Ali, based on the life of the famous boxer Muhammad Ali and directed by the prestigious Michael Mann. This film meant a resounding change in his career. It obtained an exceptional result and received numerous compliments on the part of the critic.

Will Smith does not stop working on various film projects. His last feature films have been Yo, Robot and Hitch: ligature specialist, but has announced his participation in many other films throughout 2006. In a relatively short period of time is expected the release of his latest work, Pursuit of Happyness , Currently in the pre-production phase.

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