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Viggo Mortensen Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Viggo Mortensen Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. American actor. Atypical interpreter, he has always rejected the luxury of star-system and impositions of stardom in Hollywood, preferring to keep his active cultural life apart from glamor and fame.

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Viggo Mortensen Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Viggo Mortensen

Son of Danish father and American mother, their parents had met in Norway and they married in the Netherlands following the Lutheran rite. When Viggo was only two years old, and with the intention of improving his economic fortunes, the Mortensen family left Brooklyn to move to South America; First to Argentina, and later to Venezuela. From his childhood in these countries he inherited a good Spanish, with a marked porteño accent.

When he was eleven his parents divorced, and Viggo returned to New York with his mother and two brothers. As a young man he was restless and extremely nice. He studied at the Watertown Institute, where he gave free rein to his physical and intellectual hobbies: captain of the tennis team, he was also addicted to camera-in-hand shootings. He spontaneously filmed everything that seemed worthy of his image.

In 1976, after graduating, he entered the University of St. Lawrence, in Canton (New York), where he graduated in political science and in Spanish language. The future actor was already working perfectly in English, Spanish and Danish, and defended quite well in French and Italian. Upon leaving university, and returning to his roots, he moved to Denmark, where he lived with his cousins ​​practicing the most disparate trades. His vocation continued to be directed in no particular direction.

Back in New York in 1982, he decided that his future was in acting and enrolled in the prestigious Warren Robertson School. While studying, he performed various performances with amateur companies in the city, with which he gained experience on the boards. In cinema participated in some scenes of Girls in foot of war (1984), to the orders of Jonathan Demme, although these were eliminated of the final assembly. Nevertheless, this experience served to meet actors of the quality of Holly Hunter or Ed Harris: interpreters with personality, that imposed their traits to the papers that presented / displayed to them.

After these initial experiences he moved to Los Angeles, where he continued to make a living on horseback between occasional jobs and some performances. Thanks to his interpretation of a sadistic Nazi in the Bent work he received the Dramalogue Critics Award. Working for the TV series Salvation! Met the actress and singer Exene Cervenka, leader of the punk group X. Between Viggo and herself, the crush came, and they were married in 1987. Their son, Henry Blake, was born a year later.

Film had never particularly attracted the attention of Viggo Mortensen. His beginnings in the middle were hesitant: a fleeting intervention in Woody Allen’s The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985), which in fact disappeared from the final assembly. Rather more enriching was his performance in Only Witness, in which he interpreted a young Amish next to Harrison Ford. It is said that his performance was so convincing that for some time he did not receive offers to shoot, as the agencies had taken him for a real Amish and not for a professional actor.

Alternating his passion for contemporary art (music, photography, cinema, multimedia events) with the seventh art, he was subsisting thanks to low-key roles in films such as Red Tide, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Strange Blood Link, or 28 Days, among others. Of these early times as an actor, he probably deserves to stand out his role as suitor of Isabel Archer (a splendid Nicole Kidman) in Portrait of a Lady (1996), Jane Campion.

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Viggo Mortensen Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Viggo Mortensen

The jump to fame came from the hand of Peter Jackson. Required for the role of Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, replacing Stuart Townsend, the first candidate, his work was extraordinary. Although Viggo hesitated at first to accept or not the role that would give him worldwide fame, it was his son, passionate follower of the work of Tolkien, who convinced him to participate in the project.

Completely empathized with the character who represents humans in the epic story, his Nordic factions fit perfectly into the role. They say that he got so involved in the filming that he wore Aragorn’s clothes when he did not even have scenes to shoot, and that he became so fond of the horse he was riding, that after the shoot he decided to buy it. Likewise, and like other actors who worked under Jackson’s orders, an Elvish sign was tattooed.

Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings

The eleven Oscars received by the monumental triple film did not change the personality of Viggo, who remained proud of not having television at home and maintained his magic clause according to which, whatever the film that rolls, must deliver Thanksgiving day To spend with his son. A fanatic of San Lorenzo de Almagro, the Buenosairean soccer team, his press conferences in the Spanish-speaking countries made him an idol accessible to the Spanish and South American public. He also voiced his resounding opposition to President George W. Bush’s military policy by wearing T-shirts with messages that did not lead to a misunderstanding: “No more blood for oil.”

Determined not to become a movie star, since the success of The Lord of the Rings decided to choose with magnifying glass his cinematographic appearances. When in 2004 Alatriste’s script, which he devoured with a jerk, had not read anything from Arturo Pérez-Reverte, author of the novels whose protagonist is the so-called captain. Viggo was enthusiastic about the project quickly. The hard running of Alatriste, with external shots in many and very dispersed points of the Spanish geography, did not reduce the spirit to him. According to him, traveling with the more than 200 people of the team to Talamanca del Jarama, El Escorial, León, Cadiz, Seville or Tarifa promoted a state of things that favored the work and can be seen in the final result of the film.

The film, set in seventeenth-century Spain, tells the story of Diego Alatriste, a valiant soldier in the service of the Spanish Crown who fights in Flanders and who, when he returns wounded to the muddy Quevedian Madrid, faces dark intrigues. The success of the film contributed to increase the legend of Mortensen, whose face seemed born to embody the one of heroes of other times.

Net Worth of Viggo Mortensen 

The Net Worth of Viggo Mortensen in 2017 is $260 Million.

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Full Name Viggo Mortensen
Net Worth $260 Million
Profession Actor
Annual Income$40 Million

Divorced by Exene Cervenka, her current partner is Lola Schnabel, daughter of the American figurative painter Julian Schnabel, whose work has influenced notably in the pictures that continue painting and exposing this atypical actor who considers secondary the Oscars and that assures that the important thing in his profession Lies in “telling stories and personal and emotional investment in the process.”

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