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The Undertaker Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

The Undertaker Net Worth Income Profile and his annual Salary for  2017 and for the years before that. You will get to know about all of his wealth, he earned through wrestling. His profession made him rich very much. Under Taker’s real name is Mark William Callaway, but he is also known as The Punisher, Master of Pain, and Texas Red.

Undertaker net worth 2016

Undertaker | Wrestler

He is an American wrestler by profession having an estimated net worth of 16 million dollars. He performed his first ever worldwide championship wrestling in 1984. He then left his company and joined Continental Wrestling Association by signing contract with them, which later led him to World Championship Wrestling. The Undertaker was introduced by the famous wrestler Hulk Hogan to WWF, WWE then executive Vince McMahon, who proved as a polishing factor in the career of The glorious Undertaker. In 1990 he depicted himself as a dead man, which later amazed all the public when he appeared on screen once again showing him as an undead, occult like figure. Again in 1994, he portrayed himself as a chilling, superhuman, mystic dead man. The Undertaker won 3 World Heavyweight Championships as Master of Pain, and as The Undertaker. He stayed 4 time World Champion. Throughout his entire professional wrestling career in which he won 4 times WWF, WWE Championships. The Under Taker was also a one time Unified World Heavyweight Champion (USWA) During his whole professional wrestling career. He also remained one time a WCW Tag Team Champion, and has also won six times the WWF Tag Team Championship. Under Taker has also won the Royal Rumble in 2007.

The fear of death is far worse than the death itself. But the fear of the unknown is the worst fear of all.

-The Undertaker!

The Undertaker Wrestling Career Net Worth

Full NameMark William Calaway
Ring NameUnderTaker
Net Worth$16 million

Spending much of his life in the wrestling career, Undertaker has attained a hell amount of wealth. Most of which comes through his different contracts as a ring performer. He is still under the contract of WWE, but he does not wrestle now on regular basis. He is regarded as the longest lasting wrestler of the organization now and also is the single wrestler left that appeared in the very first scene of WWE Raw in the year 1993. He still owns a very healthy net worth of US $16 Million. As The Undertaker only appears on occasional basis in wrestling, he mostly gets a good sum of money for his matches in Wrestle Mania.  Like in 2014 he received $1,800,000 salary from Wrestle Mania salary alone which does not include the endless bonuses and top ups. In the year 2015, he earned a nice salary of 2,000,000 US dollars. His average pay is about $1.50 million annually. According to the Forbes 2016 magazine, Mark William Callaway is acquiring $1,500,000 annually as salary and also won bonuses of about $296,667 in the same year. Now it is quite clear how much this lovely beast earns! The Undertaker has a market value of about 4,450,00 US dollars. If he still considers working for the next year too, there is a probability that Undertaker is expected to get a payroll of about $1.85 million. From his fame and endless love of his worldwide fans it is really difficult to say that The Undertaker may wish to retire soon!

 Facts About Net Worth of The Undertaker

net worth of Undertaker 2016

Undertaker | WWE Wrestler

Mark Callaway, The Under Taker has a massive net worth of $17 million gained in his 32 years of professional wrestling aaccording to the Celebrity Net Worth.

Even when Mark Callaway the Under Taker only appears rarely on WWE programming precisely a few times a year, he gets a higher salary than most of the superstars of WWE who do perform even on daily basis on live screens. He easily makes $2.25 Million annually.

The Undertaker has taken on rivals in 163 pay per view matches. In which, he won 94 of them. Also, he has been on the main poster of 62 pay per view events aaccording to the WWE.

The Under Taker has appeared in acting field like so many WWE superstars over the years. He has acted in movies Poltergeist: The Legacy, and Suburban Commando.

He is running a Fund that helps saving sick dogs The Undertaker has definitely invested his celebrity status, and wealthh to a good use.

The Undertaker Net Worth comparison with other big super stars

The under taker net worth

WWE Wrestler Under Taker

  • The Undertaker Net Worth – $ 17 million
  • The Undertaker Net Worth versus The Rock Net Worth –  24 percent (one quarter)
  • The Undertaker Net Worth versus Stone Cold Steve Austin Net Worth – 37 percent
  • The Undertaker Net Worth versus John Cena Net Worth – 48 percent (about half)
  • The Undertaker Net Worth versus Triple H Net Worth – 68 percent
  • The Undertaker Net Worth versus The Big Show Net Worth – 85 percent
  • The Undertaker Net Worth versus Kurt Angel Net Worth – 85 percent
  • The Undertaker Net Worth versus Chris Jericho Net Worth – 94 percent (nearly the same)

The Undertaker Net Worth versus Shawn Michaels Net Worth – 100 percent (exactly the same)

The Undertaker Net Worth versus Mick Foley Net Worth –  113 percent (about $ 2.21 million more)

Quick Biography of Undertaker

Undertaker income

Undertaker net Worth 2016 | Thecelebritynetworth.com

The Under Taker’s full name is Mark William Calaway. He is an American Citizen. His date of birth is 24th March,1965, and birth place is Houston, Texas. He is married to Michelle McCool and has 4 children namely Kaia, Gunner, Chasey, and Gracia. He is a professional American Wrestler. His education is from Waltrip High School. His different sources of wealth include television, wrestling, and WWE. His height is 6’ 10’’ (208 cm), and weight is 299 lb. (136 kg).

Earnings & Financial Data in previous years

Here is a brief detail of The Undertaker earning of fame career to the running year 2016.

  • Earning of year 2005 – $1,800,000
  • Earning of year 2007 – $500,000
  • Earning of year 2013 –  $2,700,000
  • Earning of year 2014 – $750,000
  • Earning of year 2015 – $900,000
  • Earning of year 2016 – $1,500,000
  • Earning of year 2017 (According to the contract) – $1,850,000 

Theme Song Of Under Taker

The Undertaker Wrestling Career

The Undertaker has been considered a symbolic face of WWE for almost 26 years. He has successfully proved his name to be a personification of respect, reverence, integrity, and loyalty inside all of the professional wrestling majors. He spent much of his professional career working for just one company and mainly for a single person, this is a measure of Undertaker’s loyalty, and sticking nature. He is considered the longest serving and longest tenured performer and entertainer, in the fields of multi million dollar screen shows. As the Undertaker has spent over three decades in the professional wrestling industry now, his The Last Outlaw has made him quite a lot of money. Most of the well-known sources report that, The Dead Man possesses about an estimated net worth of 16 million US Dollars. This successfully makes him one of the richest screen player of all times. Comfortably putting him in the top 10 wealthiest professional wrestlers list.


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