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Tony Curtis Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Tony Curtis Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. American film actor. After fighting in World War II, in which he was injured, studied drama and in 1959 he signed a contract with the Universal, with the name of James Curtis. Two years later, like Tony, he became a star, thanks to his handsome boy appearance, the pressure exerted by his fans and the skillful advertising campaigns. Encased at first in the roles of delinquent and then hero of comedy sword and or as caliph in the son of Ali Baba (1952), was expanding its range of characters, and in 1957 surprised critics with his nervous interpretation of a Unscrupulous press agent in Blackmail on Broadway. He continued in that line, and in 1958 made another outstanding dramatic performance in Fugitivos, which earned him the Oscar nomination for best actor. Another success, the comedy Con skdas y a loco (1959), paved the way for many other roles in the 1960s. Relegated to minor roles in minor films in the 1980s, he found time to develop as a painter. His paintings gave him some notoriety in the facet of plastic artist.

Tony Curtis net worth

Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis’ father was a Jewish tailor of Hungarian origin who had emigrated to the United States. Like every son of an emigrant with a humble family in those years, he had to endure a difficult childhood in the Bronx neighborhood, famous for its conflict and confrontations between gangs and the police. He did military service at the marina and, when he finished, he began to study drama at the Workshop school and forged himself as an actor in a long string of performances as an amateur in theaters in outlying areas.

It was in one of those performances when it was discovered by an employee of Universal studios. In a slow way he began to have contacts with the cinema, and began a career that would lead him to become one of the fashionable gallants of the sixties and a long career in Hollywood, which alternated great successes and resounding failures. His first intervention in The Embrace of Death (1949), directed by Robert Siodmak, would follow a long list of titles as secondary.

The director Rudolph Mate already made him protagonist of His Highness the thief (1951), and called to him to work in the film of medieval setting Black Leather (1954), in which he worked next to the actress Janet Leigh, with which Married (and divorced) and had the now-famous Jamie Lee Curtis. With Gina Lollobrigida and Burt Lancaster worked in Trapecio (1956), directed by the then famous Carol Reed, a film with some commercial success and that corroborated that Curtis already was an actor with pulled in the box office and known among the public.

Although not very high, it had a remarkable physical attractiveness, with one of the most photogenic faces of the actors of Hollywood. To this he was associated with his interpretive skills and versatility: he worked perfectly in comedy as well as in action or period films, making him one of the best known stars in the film industry of those years. A director characterized by the hardness of his shootings and subjects like Richard Fleischer was incorporated to the running of the Vikings (1958), next to Kirk Douglas and again Janet Leigh. That same year Stanley Kramer rolled with him Fugitivos, by which it was nominated to the Oscar, although it did not get to obtain it.

1959 was one of his best years, because it worked in two comedies that did school within the sort. The first was Operation Pacific, directed by Blake Edwards, in which he shared credits with Cary Grant and portrayed an elegant, womanizing marine officer. More important, however, was his participation in Billy Wilder’s Comedy With Crazy Skirts, a mythical title in the history of cinema in which social criticism, the most absurd humor and transformism to weave an acidic plot And tremendously fun. Co-starring Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemmon, Wilder managed to bring together an interpretive trio as few within the genre of comedy.

Net Worth of Tony Curtis

The Net Worth of Tony Curtis in 2017 is $70 Million.

With his well-established fame, Curtis would become the quintessential performer of the 1960s as a performer, although occasionally the choice of his roles left a lot to be desired. Among his most outstanding films of this time we can point out Espartaco (1960), of Stanley Kubrick and with script of Dalton Trumbo, where incarnated to Antonino; And The Strangulator of Boston (1968), again of the hand of Richard Fleischer, of subject police. Among the comedies stands out The Race of the Century (1965), again with Blake Edwards and in which at some point Curtis gets to parody itself.

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