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Tom Welling Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Tom Welling Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. American actor. Many would like to be in the shoes of Tom Welling when they know how he has become so famous all over the world. And is that the story of Tom Welling is that of a very attractive young American who happens to come to realize the American dream, and becomes a familiar face of international television.

Thomas J. Welling was born on April 26, 1977 in West Point, New York. Being still a boy his family moves to Okemos, in lands of Michigan. In this locality lives his childhood and adolescence like a boy more: it finishes the studies of secondary and it begins to work like worker of the construction. His day to day runs with normality and a certain monotony until at 21 a scout discovers him by chance and comments that his physical attractiveness can make a successful career as a model.

Tom accepts the proposal as a challenge and decides to start his professional life as a model. For two years he works for the well known US agency Louisa Modeling and seems to have a good professional future in this area. But he is not comfortable; Aims to be more than a face before a camera. He wants to give a turn to his life and thinks of his debut as an actor, his true vocation.

He moves to Los Angeles to have more opportunities as an actor and makes his debut for the first time on television in the program Judging Amy, a production of six chapters. In the career of the actor the small roles happen but does not completely smile the success until the year 2001, when it is chosen to carry out the starring role of the smallville television series.

Smallville is an American television series that has allowed Tom Welling to go beyond the borders of his country and become one of the most popular actors today. In it, throughout several seasons, incarnates the legendary superhero Superman (Clark Kent) during its adolescence. In fact, this production tells how a 15 year old Clark lives with his adoptive parents in this small fictional town where he landed as a child. Throughout the script are mixed problems typical of any teenager with the discovery of his powers and even his relationship with his close friend and future enemy over the years, Lex Luthor.

Tom’s performance in this production and his unquestionable physical appeal have made thousands of fans become regular followers of this series around the world. Audiences have responded so positively that recordings have taken place over several seasons, making it a fully consolidated product. And thanks to it, Tom has also achieved popular recognition with various awards such as the Teen Choice Awards 2002 for best male revelation or the nomination for best actor in series of the Saturn Awards.

Net Worth of Tom Welling

The Net Worth of Tom Welling in 2017 is $15 Million.

Over time, the success achieved with Smallville makes Tom Welling feel safe enough to try to make the leap to the American big screen. Little by little he is getting it. At the moment the public around the world has already seen him in Cheaper by the Dozen, a comedy starring veteran Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt and actress Hillary Duff. In addition, for 2005 is expected to appear in another film, The fog, directed this time by Rupert Wainwright.

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