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Tim Burton Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Tim Burton Net Worth and Salary. (Burbank, California, 1958) Director and producer of American cinema. An outstanding artifice of both animation and films with real actors, the most characteristic of his filmography stands out for an excellent visual bill placed at the service of fantastic stories and Gothic, sometimes not exempt from an acid humor and often carried out by marginalized beings Or misunderstood.

From his student days in his hometown he showed great talent for drawing, which led him to enroll in the California Institute of Arts, where he completed his artistic training. He presented his works at Walt Disney Studios, which would have been his creation for years. He was part of the team of animators of the company and participated, in that way, in the realization of feature films like Tod and Toby and Taron and the magical cauldron.

Tim Burton net worth

Tim Burton

Taking advantage of his good relationship with the company’s executives, he managed to finance two short films, Vincent (1982) and Frankenweenie (1984), which already showed the fundamental characteristics of his cinema: expressionist aesthetics, nostalgia for the characters of the classic cinema Terror and camera movements very similar to those used in the cartoon. Responding to a call to various directors to make a series of television adaptations of classic stories, Burton directed Aladino and the wonderful lamp (1985) and that same year collaborated with the NBC production to shoot one of the episodes of the television series Alfred Hitchcock presents, Specifically the titled El jar, whose argument is based on a story by Ray Bradbury. Many years later he would participate in a similar series produced by Steven Spielberg, Amazing Stories, which included an animated chapter directed by Burton, Family dog (1993).

A television star, Pee-Wee Herman, starred in his first feature film, The Big Adventure of Pee-Wee (1985), during which he worked with the musician who would play in most of his next films, Danny Elfman. In Bitelchús (1988), his next film, introduces the spectator in a crazy world, full of imagination, that was well received by the public. Similar originality demonstrated in his adaptation to the big screen of a comic book classic, Batman (1989), the first major production in which he participated and thanks to his good box office, consolidated Burton’s position within the Hollywood industry . At the same time he became executive producer of the television adaptation of Bitelchús, a series of cartoons aimed at children.

The Batman sequel took Batman back to the title and came to theaters in 1992. One of the most prominent characters in this film is Catwoman, a perfidious superheroine played by Michelle Pfeiffer. Eduardo Scissorhands (1990), starring Johnny Depp and Winina Ryder, and Nightmare Before Christmas (1994) were his next projects in which, within the fantasy, portrayed characters misunderstood, that only through dreams can see realized Their aspirations. The second of these titles, directed by Henry Selick and written and produced by Burton, is also a valuable sample of his animated films.

In 1995 he filmed one of his most personal projects, Ed Wood, whose plot revolves around the peculiar filmmaker of the same name, considered one of the worst directors in film history. In the film appears like personage the mythical actor of terror Bela Lugosi, excellently interpreted by Martin Landau. The famous horror film star is, along with Vincent Price, one of the most admired actors by Burton, whose personal universe owes much to the films they starred in.

Mars attacks! (1996), for many a masterpiece of acid humor, was not well understood by the American public, who rejected the excessive satire of his society that appears in the film. Following this, Burton filmed Sleepy Hollow (1999), a claustrophobic horror story with fetish actor Johnny Depp, a haunting Christina Ricci and a spectacular Christopher Walken in his role as mysterious knight-bender.

After Sleepy Hollow, Burton brought to the screen a sequel to The Planet of the Apes starring, among others, his then-sentimental partner, Helena Bonham Carter. The film, considered by many as a failure, meant a certain setback for the director, although it was no obstacle to hiring again a great star, Ewan McGregor, to star in another fantastic film titled Big Fish (2003), in which Story of the life of a dying father serves as a guiding thread to relate the relationship with his son and the fantasy world created for him.

Net Worth of Tim Burton.

The Net Worth of Tim Burton in 2017 is $ 230 Million.

Again with Johnny Depp, and also accompanied by Bonham Carter, he premiered in August 2005 Charlie and the chocolate factory, a spectacular display of visual magic with which again managed to join a blockbuster with good reviews. He repeated protagonists, although this time only with the voice, in his new animated film, Corpse Bride (2005), a beautiful macabre fantasy that also reaped a huge blockbuster.

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