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Tiger Woods Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Tiger Woods Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. (Eldrick Woods, Cypress, California, 1975) American golfer. Four-time champion of the Masters of Augusta, and two of the Championship of the PGA, the Open of the United States and the British Open, is unanimously considered the best player who has given this sport in the decade of 1990, and one of the most outstanding of the history.

With a track record in which there is no lack of important title and numerous records to his credit, the figure of Tiger Woods has crossed the borders of golf, and even of the sport, to become one of the most famous and admired personages of the world in the The dawn of the 21st century, as well as a media and advertising phenomenon comparable only to great contemporary sports myths such as Michael Jordan or Michael Schumacher. However, what strikes the most in Tiger Woods is that he has reached the maximum levels that a sportsman can aspire to in a very short space of time, and well before the majority of champions of history.

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net worth of Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

The son of an Army officer, Earl Woods, and a Thai, Kutilda, his original name is Eldrick, although his father nicknamed him Tiger (Tiger) in honor of a comrade-in-arms during the Vietnam War. From a very early age he demonstrated skills for golf. With just three years completed a nine-hole course in 48 strokes and with eight won his first international tournament, the Junior Optimist, which conquered five more times until the age of fifteen. In 1991 he won the first of his three National Youth Championships in youth category, and in 1992 he played for the first time in a tournament open to professionals, the Los Angeles Open. Between 1994 and 1996 he studied at Stanford University, where he won a dozen tournaments, including the national university title; In this same period conquered three American Championships of fans (editions of 1994, 1995 and 1996).

In 1995 he participated in his first Grand Slam tournament and was the best amateur golfer classified in the Masters; In 1996 repeated good performances in the British and American Open, and endorsed by a brilliant trajectory, this same year it happened to the professional field without having yet reached twenty years. Although in his first season he won two PGA titles, 1997 was the year of his true revelation: in addition to adding five victories and leading the winners’ ranking of the American circuit, he wrapped his first “green jacket” of the Masters After making the best tour in the history of the tournament with 270 strokes, no less than twelve difference over the second classified and eighteen under the pair.

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Turned into the youngest golfing world number one at age 21, in 1998 his level of play was not as expected, so he could only win in two tournaments: the BellSouth Classic on the American circuit and the Johnnie Walker Classic Of the Asian circuit, where he defeated Ernie Els after trailing eight handicap hits. On the other hand, in 1999 he was intractable and accumulated a total of nine titles in his trophy, among which he excelled his second Grand Slam tournament, the PGA Championship. That season also won the Ryder Cup with the US team, and the amount of its profits, not counting advertising contracts, reached the astronomical figure of six and a half million dollars.

Nevertheless, in 2000 Woods overcame all his previous successes, and with its three victories in the Championship of the PGA, British Open and American Open entered the restricted group of golf legends that own in his palmistry all the titles of the Grand World Golf Slam. Moreover, having won the Masters, where he finished in fifth place, would have become the only golfer in history to get it the same year; Only Ben Hogan was as close as he was to such a feat in 1953. His dominance during this season was apotheosic: both in the British Open and in the United States he established the best cards, 272 and 269 strokes respectively, and in the latter he established The biggest advantage in all the history of the Grand Slam, with fifteen blows. He also won seven other tournaments, including Bay Hill, the Canadian Open, Memorial Tournament, Beach National Pro-Am and the Johnnie Walker Classic; And obviously broke its own brand in terms of profits.

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net worth of Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

In 2001 he confirmed his status as world number one with five wins in the American circuit and the second title in the most prestigious of the tournaments, the Masters. Four years after his incontestable victory in Augusta, Woods returned to dress the prized green jacket winner. In 2002 he signed new victories in the European and American circuits and achieved his third win in the Masters, to equal a gestation that throughout all the history of the tournament only had Jimmy Demaret, Sam Snead, Gary Player and Nick Faldo.

The second “great” of the season and eighth of his career came in the month of June with a new triumph at the US Open. But his chances of winning the four Grand Slam titles in the same year were thwarted at the British Open, where Woods made the worst run of his career on the penultimate day and lost all chances of victory. Nor could he achieve the win in the 2002 PGA tournament, where he was second behind the almost unknown Rich Beem.

A knee injury kept him off the green in the first few seasons of the 2003 season, but reappeared with victory at the San Diego (California) tournament and also won the Accenture in Carlsbad; A triumph that made him the first golfer to win the four World Series tournaments (Accenture, NEC Invitational, American Express and the World Cup). He came to Augusta with the indisputable label of great favorite, but his performance in the Masters was disappointing; Had no choice to fight for the win, which eventually won the Canadian Mike Weir. His contests were also discreet at the Open USA, the British Open and the PGA Championship, so the Californian finished the year blank in terms of Grand Slam titles.

Net Worth of Tiger Woods

The Net Worth of Tiger Woods in 2017 is $60 Million.

Full NameTiger Woods
Net Worth$60 Million
ProfessionGolf Player
Annual Income$5 Million

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The same action took place in 2004, in which he failed to win any big tournament. Despite this, he surpassed the record number of weeks (332 consecutive) that Australian Greg Norman had until the Fijian Vijay Singh snatched him in September, after winning the latter the Norton Tournament held in Massachusetts (U.S).

In April of 2005 recovered the lost ground when adjudging again, for the fourth time, the Masters of Augusta with a spectacular card of 276 blows and 12 under pair. With this it added nine Grand Slam, number that increased the July of that same year with the British Open (276), like it did in the summer of the following year, in the edition of 2006 (270). With this he placed in the third position of the list of the golfers more laureates of history, behind Jack Nicklaus (18 big) and Walter Hagen (11). This great triumph was endorsed shortly after, when it was adjudged the Championship of the PGA for a third time. In December 2009, the golfer jumped into the media around the world for extra-sporting events: Tiger Woods told reporters that he left golf “indefinitely” to solve the problems that arose in his marriage following the discovery of his frequent infidelities. Some companies that sponsored him withdrew his support, leaving him in a difficult situation.

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