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The Rock Dwayne Johnson Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

The Rock Net Worth income profile and Salary. Popular in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) with the name of The Rock, Dwayne Johnson whose original name is Dwayne Douglas Johnson, is a professional wrestler and an American actor, whose estimated net worth is $185 million in the year 2017. Dwayne Johnson was born in 1972 on 2nd May, in Hayward California. He started his ring career in 1996 where he achieved a successful name and fame in the world of wrestling. Devoting his 17 incredible years as a professional wrestler, he still holds the WWE Champion title after overcoming alot of hurdles and hardships in his field. He appeared the most stunning wrestler in Wrestle Mania XXVIII event. Dwayne Johnson was lucky enough to win the championship after just 2 hard years joining the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).  This is indeed a measure of his hardworking and devotion to his field. During his whole career, he has won 17 championships including 5 WWF Tag Team Championships, 10 world heavyweight championships, and also 2 WWF Intercontinental Championships. In 2000, he won the Royal Rumble.

The rock net worth 2016

The Rock | Real Rocker Wrestler

I started with just $7 bucks. If I can overcome, so can you.

The Rock Dwayne Johnson!

Quick Biography of THE ROCK

The Rock’s real name is Dwayne Douglas Johnson. His different sources of income include Television, Film, Wrestling means. He works as an actor and a wrestler. His birth place is Hayward, California and has United States citizenship. His date of birth is May 2, 1972, and is married to Danny Garcia. He is currently 44 years old and got his education from Freedom High School, and President William McKinley High School. Rock’s height is  6′ 5” (196 cm), and weight is 260 pounds. (118 kg) As per 2016 years record. Rock has two children, namely, Simone Alexandra, and Jasmine.

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Earnings, Income, salary, net worth & Financial Data in previous years

Here is a brief detail of Dwayne Johnson’s ( The Rock’s) earning from the year 1995 where he started his fame career to the running year 2016.

  • Earnings of year 1995 – $91,636
  • Earnings of year 1996 – $229,434
  • Earnings of year 1997 – $374,745
  • Earnings of year 1998 – $1,947,728
  • Earnings of year 1999 – $4,446,310
  •  Earnings of year 2000 – $10,013,761
  • Earnings of year 2001 – $19,089,789
  • Earnings of year 2002 – $28,454,985
  • Earnings of year 2003 – $36,806,614
  •  Earnings of year 2004 – $42,382,241
  • Earnings of year 2005 – $48,429,835
  • Earnings of year 2006 – $52,221,460
  • Earnings of year 2007 – $56,991,911
  • Earnings of year 2008 – $62,476,370
  • Earnings of year 2009 – $67,924,930
  • Earnings of year 2010 – $79,106,902
  • Earnings of year 2011 – $97,756,337
  • Earnings of year 2012 – $113,712,776
  • Earnings of year 2013 – $156,644,503
  • Earnings of year 2014 – $175,678,788
  • Earnings of year 2015 -$230,055,455
  • Earnings of year 2016 – $255,073,874

Net Worth of The Rock Dwayne Dwayne Johnson in Forbes

The Forbes magazine states that , Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the world’s highly paid actor. He is earning a thrilling sum of $64.5 million annually.

The Rock Dwayne Johnson Net Worth

The Rock leads all other wrestler colleagues and many of the super film stars when it comes to earning. He is considered one the highly paid actor still in 2016 earning $64.5 Million every year. The Rock Dwayne’s total net worth is approximate $256 million which is still growing due to his charismatic performances over the screen and in the ring. Most of his net worth comes from his tactical business deals, like avoiding taxes and box office popularity. Most people are concerned about Robert Downey Jr. that how much money he makes as Iron Man, but actually, the real concerning personality is The Rock who due to his super talent demands a fee of $10 to $20 million for every movie. One can readily make an assumption about “The Rock’s net worth” by the fact that he charged as high as $40 million for the movie Furious 7. It doesn’t end up here, he got $40 million for Marvel’s The Avengers too playing its leading role. With all this info, it becomes very easy to see the reason behind The Rock’s enormous net worth.

Previously we wrote about John Cena net worth. Coming back to the rock!, If he would have to earn just by acting, The Rock would still be a rich man. But he goes on doing different professions. He’s also earning income from his wrestling career, also including a bonus income from different merchandise deals and many fat endorsement contracts. A recent survey by Money Nation analysis showed that Dwayne Johnson has neatly earned $414 million during his career. And also as he lives in the state of Florida, he has to pay zero sales tax on all of his money. This saved him about $54 million approximately. If he had lived in any other state, he had to pay a huge sum of tax that would have left him just net worth number of $256 million.

The Rock Dwayne Johnson Net Worth

The Rock Dwayne Johnson Worth

The Rock Dwayne Net Worth comparison in other big superstars

  • The Rock Net Worth :- $255,073,874.
  • The Rock net worth versus John Cena net worth:- 11 times bigger.
  • The Rock net worth versus Hulk Hogan net worth:- 10 times greater.
  • The Rock net worth versus Vin Diesel net worth:- 3 times bigger.
  • The Rock net worth versus Arnold Schwarzenegger net worth:- 15% smaller.
  • The Rock net worth versus Dolf Lundgren net worth:- 18 times bigger.
  • compare it with net worth of big show.
  • The Rock net worth versus Sylvester Stallone net worth: – Half as big.
  • The Rock net worth versus Bruce Willis net worth: – Twice as big.
  • The Rock net worth versus Hillary Clinton net worth:- 8 times greater.
  • The Rock net worth versus average American net worth:- 3,763 times bigger.

The Rock Acting Career Net Worth

The Rock is not an Oscar awaiting actor, yet he successfully performed all his acting roles which he played during his acting career. His chief success was 2015’s Furious 7 movie ($1.5 billion). Also, his other famous hit movies include G.I. Joe: Retaliation ($376 million), San Andreas ($474 million),  Journey 2: The Mysterious Island ($335 million), Fast & Furious 6 ($789 million), The Mummy Returns ($433 million),  and Fast Five ($626 million). The Rock’s films total account for approximately $6.3 billion. It is almost equal to Harry Potter films all combined. It is even more than all Batman movies combined. A survey shows that he is paid about $10 to $20 million per film,with an additional small fixed percentage of ticket sales. The Rock has earned approximately a total sum of $184.5 million from his acting skills. He appeared in 96 TV shows and films since the year 1996. You may like to subscribe to The rock wwe superstars youtube channel.

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