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Susan Sarandon Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Susan Sarandon Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. American actress. After studying theater at the Catholic University of Washington, he married in 1967 with actor Chris Sarandon (from whom he would divorce in 1979), and in 1970 he made his film debut with a supporting role in Joe, an American citizen, by John G. Avildsen.

After his performance on The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), he entered the select circle of so-called cult actors. His growing prestige was affirmed with an Oscar nomination for Atlantic City (1980), in which he played a fisherman who gets caught up in the murky business of a twilight Burt Lancaster; The film was directed by the French director Louis Malle, with whom the actress was then united sentimentally, and under whose orders he had already worked in The Small (1978). Shortly afterwards it received a prize in Venice by Tempest (1982) and it intervened in diverse films, like the anxiety (1983) and the comedy The buffaloes of Durham (1988).

Susan Sarandon net worth

Susan Sarandon

His upward trajectory was confirmed with his impeccable performance in Thelma and Louise (1991). Directed by Ridley Scott, the action of this memorable film, one of the great titles of the 90, is located in a town of Arkansas. Louise (Susan Sarandon) is a strong and determined woman who maintains her independence working in a fast food restaurant, while her friend Thelma (Geena Davis) is a submissive housewife. One day they decide to break the routine and embark on a road trip to go fishing. But things go wrong when Louise kills a man who was trying to rape Thelma. From that moment his innocent exit will become a frantic flight to Mexico, with the police on their heels.

This clever road movie by Ridley Scott applied for the first time to female protagonists all the conventions of the road genre: after the crime committed in self-defense, one passes to the permanent flight, the pauses in the motels, the gas stations that line kilometers of desert , Until arriving at a suicidal end that the film presents like liberator. Beyond the feminist readings of the project, it is interesting to note that box office success made it a true sociological phenomenon.


The development of Thelma and Louise has something of mythical story, of female initiation presided over by fatality. At first, the keys are perfectly everyday: the character of Geena Davis represents the typical housewife cornered by an unhappy marriage and by years of conjugal docility, which suddenly becomes the owner of their destiny. The film then adopts a record whose seduction lies in its lack of realism, in which the conventions of the genre catapult the two real women into a world of fiction and adventure in which only prevails (as in Westerns) friendship Between both women. Oscar’s best original screenplay, by Callie Khouri, Scott had one of his great successes in choosing the two leading actresses, Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis, both nominated for best actress Oscar for their work.

The film gave Susan Sarandon an incoherent popularity, and facilitated its consolidation like one of the most versatile and serious front-line figures of the American cinema. She was again nominated for an Academy Award for her role in George Miller’s The Oil of Life (1992), in which she played a mother desperately struggling to save her son from illness. In 1995 she won the Academy Award for Best Actress as the star of Death Penalty, a film directed by actor Tim Robbins, at the time her lover. In this plea against the death penalty took a measured and solvent performance in the role of a nun who is involved in the sufferings of a condemned to the maximum penalty.

Net Worth of Susan Sarandon 

The Net Worth of Susan Sarandon in 2017 is $60 Million.

Susan Sarandon’s political and social activism was evident in such films as Bob Roberts (1992) and Down The Curtain (1999), also directed by Tim Robbins. He firmly opposed the wars fought by Bush father and son in Kuwait and Iraq, advocated equal rights for homosexuals and even accused the FBI of supporting international terrorism. As UNICEF’s special ambassador, it has also been signaled by its fight against child labor exploitation. Other notable films of his filmography are Changing Wives (1980), The Witches of Eastwick (1987), The Customer (1994), Little Women (1994), At Dusk (1997), Illuminata (1998), Stay by My Side (1998) and To Any Other Place (1999).

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