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Stieg Larsson Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Stieg Larsson Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. Swedish writer and journalist. Specialized in ultra-right groups, he rose to fame after his death following the publication of his trilogy of novels Millennium, one of the major publishing phenomena of recent decades. From 2009 the Larsson effect also reached the cinematographic screens, with the premiere and the resounding success of the film version of his novels.

Born in Skelleftea in the administrative province of Västerbotten, little Stieg was the son of poorly educated teenage parents who took him to live with his grandparents in the small township of Norsjb. His grandfather, an anti-fascist Communist deeply involved in the struggle for workers’ rights who had been held in a labor camp, would be a determining influence for him. Larsson was told that when, in 1962, after the death of the old man, he was forced to return with his parents (who at that time already had another child), he could not adapt; He did not want to live with them, they were no longer their interlocutors in the world. She left home at sixteen.

Stieg Larsson net worth

Stieg Larsson

They ran the first years of the 1970s when he became involved in politics and began his militancy in the Kommunistiska Arbetareförbundet (Communist League of Workers). It was at this time that, after two years of compulsory military service, he frequently traveled to Africa and, as a war correspondent, witnessed firsthand the civil war in Eritrea. Also at that time, in a demonstration against the Vietnam War, he met the one who would be his companion for the rest of his days, Eva Gabrielsson.

Although he did not pursue a career in journalism, between 1977 and 1999 Larsson worked as a journalist and graphic designer for news agency Tidningarnas Telegrambyra (TT). At the same time, his commitment to fight ultra-right movements and racism led him to found the anti-violence project Stop the Racism in the mid-1980s, and to promote the Expo Foundation in 1995, whose magazine Expo , Would be director. At the same time he published several journalistic research books on Nazi groups in Sweden and the dark connections between the extreme right and politics and finance, becoming so expert in the subject that was required by Scotland Yard and the OSCE.

Expo, a research magazine dedicated to monitoring the rise of racism in Sweden, became a reference in Scandinavia, comparable to the British Searchlight. These are uncomfortable publications for certain small groups, reason why their authors are forced to remain anonymous to possible reprisals. Larsson received so many threats that he had to opt for clandestinity: it was not in the official records or telephone directories; He could not even marry his partner for fear that some paper might betray his whereabouts.

In the midst of this semi-clandestine life and persecution, Larsson took refuge in his great passion: books. Great reader, a fan of science fiction (he was president of the society that gathers the lovers of the sort in Scandinavia and directed a pair of fanzines specialized) and enthusiast of the detective novel, began to write at night, to have fun.

Thus would be forged one of the most famous sagas of the last decades, the Millennium trilogy. On a daily basis, after work, and until 3 or 4 in the morning, ingesting exorbitant amounts of coffee and smoking cigarettes compulsively, Larsson would create one of the most memorable pairs of criminal literature: Lisbeth Salander, the complex hacker, and Rebellious, socially unsuitable, tattooed and full of piercings, and his counterpoint, Mikael Blomkvist, a research journalist who is clearly an alter ego of Larsson himself.

Net Worth of Stieg Larsson

The Net Worth of Stieg Larsson in 2017 is $60 Million.

In this way he wrote, in three years, the more than 2,200 pages of the saga. However, the author would never see his books published: on November 9, 2004, days after giving the third volume of the series to his editor, and shortly before the publication of the first, Stieg Larsson died of a heart attack, Without being able to witness their own success. Her partner for more than thirty years could not enjoy it justly, since, being unmarried, Swedish law did not allow her to inherit; Copyright passed to Larsson’s father and brother, whom the journalist had not seen for many years.

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