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Sophia Loren Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Sophia Loren Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. Italian film actress. His father was an engineer and Sicilian baron who left the family when his sister Maria was born. She was educated by her mother in Pozzuoli, a small town near Naples. At age 11 she was already attracted to the world of American films, which were very popular in Italy. However, before he devoted himself to studying Magisterium, he would never finish it.

In 1949 managed to be well classified in a beauty contest: she won second place in the “Princess of the Sea” contest in Naples and in 1950 was named Miss Elegance in another contest that took place in Rome, the election of Miss Italy (Which he did not get). She made her debut in the movies as an extras, in those same years, in films like Quo Vadis? (1951), by Mervin Leroy, while participating in fotonovelas, where he worked under the pseudonym of Sofia Lozzaro. Opportunities began to emerge in the world of cinema, partly because of its great beauty, opulent and generous, which was a strong bait with which to attract viewers.

Sophia Loren net worth

Sophia Loren

Throughout the early fifties he appeared in a series of films of little importance. He met movie producer Carlo Ponti, much older than she, whom he married in 1957. Carlo Ponti became his mentor and would make her one of the most important personalities in film history. From that change in his situation, Ponti made it participate in irregular films, although of certain impact in the time, as it is the case of Man or demon (1953), of Pietro Francisci. He then starred in The Bastard, his father and the taxi driver (1955), by Alejandro Blasetti.

Under the auspices of her husband, she received the call of Hollywood and worked on The Mermaid and the Dolphin (1956), by Jean Negulesco, and Pride and Passion (1957), by Stanley Kramer, set in the Spanish War of Independence and A cast involving Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra (it is said that Grant tried during the filming to enter into an affair with the beautiful Italian, but his attempts did not prosper). He also had the opportunity to work with John Wayne in Arenas de muerte (1957), directed by Henry Hathaway.

In 1960, already with a more perfected style and turned into a real actress, it obtained the Oscar to the best feminine interpretation by its impressive work in Two women, directed by Vittorio de Sica, and whose action is located in the Italy of the Second War World, during the arrival of the allied troops. Of this film rolled a televising version years later. The maggiorata, the piazzola, had become a woman with class and distinction, by the work and grace of her intelligence and her Pygmalion, Carlo Ponti.

When the producer Samuel Bronston prepared the filming of El Cid (1961), which was to be carried out by Anthony Mann, and after ruling out Sara Montiel, he gave Sophia Loren the role of Jimena. The film, in western script, with script by Philip Yordan, constructed an interesting and extensive history on the Spanish hero of the Middle Ages. Together with Charlton Heston, he was a couple with more appeal and chemistry than might have been thought at first.

He returned to Italy and filmed, again to the orders of De Sica, Boccaccio 70 (1961) and The kidnapped of Altona (1962), two films with quality ambition, within a European cinema that was beginning to lose the battle against the North American , Among other reasons to focus more on an intellectual audience than the majority; The European cinema, in short, was well regarded by critics, although it was said to be too conjunctural. On these dates he returned to the film show with The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964), a new production of Bronston directed by Anthony Mann.

Net Worth of Sophia Loren 

The Net Worth of Sophia Loren in 2017 is $80 Million.

At the end of the sixties and during the seventies worked in a series of Italian films that received good reception of public. The Loren had become a real star, who could afford any type of paper and whose work was beyond criticism, which used to value it over many of the titles in which she plays the protagonist. She was “a great lady”; She was over forty and her physique had become elegant. He did not remember the girl of the early novels. But, besides, she was an excellent actress. Among the films of this period we can cite The Sunflowers (1969), by Vittorio de Sica, Mortadela (1971) by Mario Monicelli, and the excellent A Particular Day (1977) by Ettore Scola.

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