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Silvio Berlusconi Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Silvio Berlusconi Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. Controversial Italian businessman and politician who was twice Prime Minister of Italy (1994-95 and 2001-2006). He studied law at the University of Milan, but he was immediately involved in business, starting at age 23 for the real estate and construction sector. In the seventies he entered the mass media buying shares in several Italian newspapers, a strategy that culminated in the creation of Channel 5 television (1980).

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His business was generally favored by success, so that at the beginning of the 1990s he controlled the three main Italian television channels, the Mondadori publishing group, several newspapers and magazines, studios and cinemas, the largest Department stores in Italy and even a football club (Milan), which he became a champion. A large holding company called Fininvest was a unit of this heterogeneous group of companies, with extensions in France, Spain, Germany, the former USSR and the former Yugoslavia.

His position of hegemony over the Italian media raised suspicions that led in 1990 to pass special laws to put a stop. Far from being resented by such attacks, or by confronting business with Carlo de Benedetti (the other great tycoon of Italian industry), Berlusconi preferred to flee forward: before the crisis of the Republic by the widespread accusations of corruption (operation “Clean hands”), Berlusconi jumped into the political arena occupying the void that left the traditional parties discredit.

Based on his business empire and his control of the media, he formed his own party with an ambiguous ultraliberal ideology (Forza Italia), whose maximum endorsement was the effectiveness of Berlusconi’s business management; Ally in a «Freedom Pole» with the separatists of the Northern League and with the neo-fascists of the National Alliance, became prime minister in 1994.

That gave him control of the public media, but he could hardly do any government work, seeing himself involved in accusations of tax fraud and bribery of politicians and officials during the previous stage. Having lost the government in 1995 and defrauding the expectations of a profound institutional reform, Berlusconi and his allies were defeated in the 1996 elections by a center-left coalition, thus putting an end to the attempt to regenerate the Italian political class with the technocratic style and Antistatista dominant in the business world.

After that defeat without palliatives, began, under suspicion, his crossing of the desert, harassed by the justice, reviled by the intellectuals and betrayed by some of its allies. The recovery of political power was not an easy task, despite the fact that SuaEmittenza, as his compatriots dubiously called him, had the greatest fortune in Italy and the unconditional support of the three main private television networks, which hoarded 50 % Of the country’s audience. Forbes magazine ranked him 14th in the list of the richest people in the world in 2001, with assets valued at two billion pesetas.

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Political fortunes returned to him in the European elections of June 1999, in which Forza Italia won 25.2% of the votes and 32 MEPs, surpassed for the first time the Democrats of the Left (DS, ex-communists). Became the first game of the country. Elected MEP, despite his lack of European enthusiasm, Berlusconi was able to get Forza Italia to be accepted as a member of the European People’s Party (PPE), which brings together democratic and center-right formations in the Strasbourg Parliament.

Net Worth of Silvio Berlusconi

The Net Worth of Silvio Berlusconi in 2017 is $8 Billion.

Full Name Silvio Berlusconi
Net Worth $8 Billion
Annual Income$1 Billion

The results of the regional elections of 16 April 2000, which affected 15 of the country’s 20 regions, confirmed the Cavaliere’s strategy, once again becoming the tireless leader of the opposition. Forza Italia and the like parties obtained a clear victory, with more than 50% of the votes, a veritable electoral earthquake that precipitated the fall of the government of Massimo d’Alema. The Freedom Center of 1994 became the House of Freedoms with the same partners: the National Alliance (AN), postfascist and nationalist, and the Northern League, with separatist, xenophobic and anti-European tendencies.

A new electoral campaign began practically in December 2000, soon transformed into a plebiscite on Berlusconi, a fight of the providential leader, man of the fare (‘of action’), cross of the free enterprise, against the professionals of the policy ‘that never Have worked “in a careful media scenario. However, he could not avoid the censorship of his allies, the suspicions about the dubious origin of his fortune, the shaded areas of his societies and his problems with justice.

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