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Shirley MacLaine Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Shirley MacLaine Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. American Film Actress. Belonging to a family of show business, his father was a drama teacher and his mother dancer, an activity in which Shirley came to prominence from an early age after studying at the Washington Ballet School. She debuted as a dancer on Broadway, and soon became a successful artist thanks to her skill and refined technique. Between some of the musical comedies in which it participated it is possible to point out Oklahoma or Kiss me Kate, among others.

The Paramount, through the famous producer Hall B. Wallis, was the one that discovered it and offered the possibility to him to dedicate itself to the cinema. His big-screen debut took place at age 21 in Pero … who killed Harry? (1955) by Alfred Hitchcock, a work that, in the tone of comedy, develops a legible plot and strange at the same time, where the viewer must be attentive to circumstances deeper than a first vision. This first film served him to dedicate almost exclusively to the cinema.

Shirley MacLaine net worth

Shirley MacLaine

His consecration came when he intervened, alongside David Niven and Cantinflas, in Michael Anderson’s Around the World in 80 Days (1956). The adaptation of Jules Verne’s novel had a notable public success, which served to sharply increase the fame of Shirley MacLaine in the beginning of what would be the best years of his film career.

When he had filmed several films, Billy Wilder gave him another important opportunity in The Apartment (1960), one of the director’s best comedies, this time with Jack Lemmon. It is an unpleasant analysis of the urban society of the United States and the ins and outs of relations between companies and workers. The film was inspired by another one made in 1945 by David Lean, entitled Brief Encounter.

In this decade of the sixties it obtained another important success with the slander (1962) of William Wyler, that carried out next to Audrey Hepburn. The film had its origin in a play by the writer Lillian Hellman, in which two teachers are accused of lesbianism by one of her students. Years later she participated in two musical films in which she was able to evoke her times as a dancer: Bob Lee and her husband (1965), by J. Lee Thompson, and Nights in the City (1969) by Bob Fosse, For not in vain Fosse was an excellent choreographer with a special inclination for modern dance.

At the beginning of the 1970s he filmed Two Sisters and a Woman (1970), by Don Siegel, a title that although at first was relatively considered, later had revisions that valued it better; With Clint Eastwood as male protagonist, it was a western film that brought to the cinema of this genre elements that came from the aspects and approaches proper to the films that shot in Italy Sergio Leone, initiator of the so-called spaghetti western.

Since the 1970s, Shirley MacLaine’s film activity has been spaced out, although in this period she won the Academy Award for best actress for her work in James L. Brooks’s The Force of Loving (1983) . Shirley MacLaine had been nominated for the award five times, and ended up getting it for a good movie, although inferior to others in which she had acted.

Net Worth of Shirley MacLaine

The Net Worth of Shirley MacLaine in 2017 is $60 Million.

Between 1971 and 1972 she starred in her own television series, “Shirley’s World,” in which she played the role of a photographer who travels around the world. In 1973, she traveled with a group of women in mainland China, and later recounted her impressions in the documentary The Other Halt of the Sky: A China Memoir (1975), written, produced and directed in collaboration with Claudia Weill. Proposed for the Oscar.

In the eighties he alternated his cinematographic work with his dedication to writing (a facet in which he emphasized the publication of his memoirs) and to the theater, which he had marginalized during his best years of cinema. In the 1990s, as has happened with other Hollywood actors, Shirley MacLaine suffered some crises of a religious nature, which made her, among other things, visit Spain to cross the road to Santiago.

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