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Sergio Garcia Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Sergio Garcia Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. Spanish golf player, one of the most outstanding talents of the sport, which boasts several records of precocity. There are contrasting quality athletes who have the “bad luck” to match unique champions that close the way to the big titles. It has been the case of Sergio Garcia, because he has developed his career in the era of Tiger Woods, the best golfer in history, Even so, Woods considers him his main rival. In May 2008, twenty-one years after the last triumph of a European player, he won his first major title, the Players Championship, considered the most prestigious of the international circuit after the big four.
Born into a well-off family, his father, Victor Garcia, was a caddy at the Club de Campo in Madrid and later a professional golfer with residence in Barcelona; Later he was a coach at the Mediterranean Country Club where, at age three, his son began to pick up the clubs, under the watchful eye of his mother, Consuelo, who ran the club’s sports shop.

Sergio Garcia net worth

Sergio Garcia

At the age of nine he was proclaimed champion of Spain of fry, and in 1990, 1991 and 1992, of children. At the age of twelve he already showed that he had innate qualities for the sport he had chosen, although his complexion (1.70 in height and 72 kg) was not the most appropriate, so his companions, for that and Because of his young age, began to call him El Niño. A boy who grew older in 1994, when he led the ranking of children and was world champion of the Boys Topolino Trophy. He passed his first court in the Turespaña Tournament in 1995, when he won the European Amateur (being the youngest winner in history) and played his first major, the British Open, in which he failed to overcome the cut but he grabbed for his Age the first pages of the specialized press.

From then on its progression was so spectacular that the Spanish press already qualified it like the successor of Severiano Ballesteros and Jose Maria Olazábal. Between 1997 and 1998, he won 17 of the 21 amateur tournaments he played, confirming expectations about El Niño. Among other trophies, he won the Catalan Open and British Amateur (1997). The following year reedited its title in the British and, among other triumphs, was champion of the Glass of the King and European Masters Amateur. He was also chosen the best amateur of the year.

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On April 22, 1999 El Niño burst into the so-called “Tiger Age”, when he made his professional debut. At nineteen he faced Woods in the PGA Championship, where Sergio, the youngest to play, was runner-up. In addition, he qualified to play the Ryder Cup, in which he obtained two victories, and was the golfer who needed fewer number of tournaments to qualify and to dispute this match between Europe and the United States. He finished the year becoming the youngest golfer to get American and European circuit boards at the same time. That year, when Olazábal was still active and Miguel Ángel Jiménez was outstanding, Sergio won, among others, the Irish and German open and was chosen Rookie Player of the Year, which prompted the Higher Sports Council to award him the Medal To Sports Merit.

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On August 29, 2000, his notoriety went up like foam by winning a hand-to-hand with Woods in the so-called Battle of Bighorn. Sergio pocketed 2,000 million pesetas of the time and behaved as a new champion. He had beaten his idol and friend too soon, who the following year would become the first golfer to win the grand slam; That is, the 4 majors or large. That year, however, Sergio was the Spanish athlete with the highest income, with 1.060 million pesetas, 60 million more than the player Raúl González.

From that feat, Sergio seemed to rest on his laurels and acquired excessive confidence in his chances of overcoming adverse situations. Due to this he was able to resist the majors, although he was winning other prestigious trophies: the Buick Classic and the Colonial Tournament of Texas (2001); The Ryder Cup and the Mercedes Championship (2002); A single tournament in 2003 (Sun City), and four in 2004: Ryder Cup again, Challenge RCG, a second Buick Classic and Byron Nelson.

Sergio García’s wake, already mature, was losing brilliance in the following years, with only two wins in 2005 and a runner-up in the British Open 2007. He started the tournaments with high hopes, but in the meridian of the same began to fal , Especially with the putt. He had changed his swing with the aim of forging a more conventional style of play that would give him more control of the game. It was a risky decision but it would pay off.

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After two years without titles, in 2008 the golfer resurfaced with his victory in the Players Championship, considered unofficially the fifth major. But to be a great, he had to pass his pending subject; Win a grand slam tournament. In August of 2008 he was presented with an unbeatable opportunity to get him in the PGA Tournament in the absence of Woods’ injury. On August 10, when everything was pointing to his triumph in this major tournament that dominated from the start, on the penultimate hole, due to an overconfidence, he failed, which Padraig Harrington took advantage of to win. It was an affordable rival, but once again the Castilian lost control of his nerves and failed.

Net Worth of Sergio Garcia 

Sergio Garcia;s Net Worth in 2017 is $40 million.

Full NameSergio García Fernández
Net Worth40 million USD
Salary per month$305,000
in 2014
Profession Golf Player

Still single, he has weakness for the Russian tennis players Anna Kournikova, with whom he shares the patronage of the brand Adidas, and Maria Sharapova. Football is another of his passions (he is a partner of Real Madrid), and even directed the team of his town in two seasons (2001-2002 and 2002-2003). He regularly listens to the music of Alanis Morrisette and The Ear of Van Gogh. In the movies he opted for action movies, and his favorite actors are Bruce Willis and Sandra Bullock. In his town they venerate him, and the City Council put the name of Sergio Garcia to the new sports pavilion, waiting to add to the plaque the following legend: “Number one of the world in …”. For the time being, he finished the 2008 season as the fourth of the world ranking.

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