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Serena Williams Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Serena Williams Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. (Saginaw, 1981) American tennis player. Serena Williams was born on September 26, 1981 in Saginaw, Michigan, as a fifth daughter, after Lynder, Asha, Yetunde and Venus, by an ambitious father, Richard Williams, and a mother, Oracene, who was submissive to decisions Of her husband, until in 2001 they separated. She is not as tall as her sister, who exceeds 1.80 meters (Serena measures 1.76 and weighs 65 kilos), but has more power and muscle, forged in long hours of weights in the gym.

The family lived in Long Beach, west of Los Angeles, until one day, unexpectedly, the father, who aspired to Venus and Serena to be tennis champions, moved his entire offspring to Compton, a hermetic ghetto Center of the city, with the purpose that both, at the time of four and five years, grew in an environment of hardness.

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When Venus was two years old with the racket and endless training sessions, Serena started, noting the progression experienced by her older sister, who at age eleven won 63 consecutive games in regional tournaments. The jealous manager and trainer of his daughters was Richard, until in 1991 he put them, always under his rigorous supervision, in the hands of an expert, Rick Macci, a notable star smith installed in Florida, where the family could fix his residence thanks To a first contract with the firm Reebok.

Serena Williams net worth

Serena Williams

Serena progressed in the shadow of her sister, who in 1994, only fourteen, entered the professional circuit with remarkable success. She did it in September of 1995, although it did not begin to compete continuously until 1997, shortly after its sister reached the end of the Open of the United States, that lost before the then number one, Martina Hingis.

Despite their dedication to tennis, Richard’s daughters had an obligation not to neglect their academic training, which they held at an exclusive college of only thirty students located in Lake Placid, The Dritwood Academy, where both earned remarkable averages , And where Serena graduated in June of 1999, when both sisters had already obtained partial triumphs on all the top ten of the moment.

That 1999 season Serena, whose father had predicted she would be the best, came forward to Venus getting her first Grand Slam title by winning the US Open, after both sisters had managed to win two different tournaments in one Day: Venus in the Paris Indoor and Serena in Oklahoma. Until then only one player of color had managed to win in the Grand Slam: Althea Gibson, who won in Wimbledon in 1957 and in the Open of the United States in 1958. The 5 of April of that year both sisters entered in the top ten and little Then, in doubles category, they won the French Open and the Federation Cup.

In 2000, Venus, who was beginning to show jealousy of his sister, beat her in the final of the Lipton tournament. Serena accepted the defeat with a sincere smile and, shortly after, it gained the Paris Indoor, the same day that Venus gave the retort conquering in Oklahoma; Had reversed what happened in 1999.

That year, at Wimbledon Venus eliminated Serena in the semifinals, and then won the title against Davenport. In addition, both won in doubles, something that already had obtained in other two majors tournaments: Roland Garros and the Open of the United States. Hegemony began to take shape that both would impose on the female circuit.

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The queen of the Grand Slam

On July 8, 2002, after defeating Venus in the Wimbledon final 7-6 and 6-3, Serena became the number one female WTA ranking, at a time when Already added sixteen titles in the international circuit. On September 9, Serena, at twenty, stunned the United States Open for both her sturdy catwoman model and her umpteenth power show with a racquet by beating Venus 6-4 6-3 in the final. Seventy-two minutes.

With this victory, she tied with her older sister in her private duels (5-5) and Grand Slam titles, with four for both: Venus with double wins at Wimbledon and US Open (2000 and 2001) and Serena, recapping, At Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open (2002), where it had already been released in 1999. After winning the United States, Serena’s impressive season included six titles, 45 wins and only four losses. An ankle injury prevented him from participating in Australia, where she won the American Jennifer Capriati.

Yes it did participate, in 2003, and this time did not disappoint and won the final. She did not win at Roland Garros, where she surprisingly fell in the semifinals to Belgian Justine Henin-Hardenne, but did so at Wimbledon, where she repeated the previous year’s Venus-Serena final. Serena again beat Venus, who played injured, and with 4-6, 6-4 and 6-2 added his fifth Grand Slam win.

Serena, as tragically happened to Monica Seles, had to pay the price of her fame by suffering the harassment of a maniac amateur, a thirty-four-year-old German who overwhelmed her with gifts and witnessed all her training, thanks to The fortune of his family. She was arrested and jailed on March 3, 2002 for undressing in front of a hotel in Scottslade, Arizona, where Serena was staying. Her father threatened to kill the persistent stalker if his benjamina suffered the least damage. Another misfortune was besetting the Williams family, when in mid-September 2003 a common criminal murdered Yetunde, one of the sisters.

Maybe sooner than expected let tennis and the road open for emerging champions unable to fight against the power of the Williams, because the greater falls into depressions whenever they defeat their sister, and Serena harbored the ambition to emulate Julia Roberts.

Net Worth of Serena Williams

The Net Worth of Serena Williams in 2017 is $160 Million.

Full Name Serena Williams
Net Worth $160Million
ProfessionTennis Player
Annual Income$15 Million

For this she takes acting lessons with an accomplished Los Angeles professor, who says: “It is very natural and incredible before a camera”. Serena takes it very seriously. Time to time. Serena suffers because she does not want to eclipse her sister, whom she had admired. Your goal is not to always be the number one to Venus’s detriment. However, in 2003 it was, and not only in the ranking but among the American public, that with his votes, she was awarded the ESPY Athlete of the Year Award.

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