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Sean Connery Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Sean Connery Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. British film actor who, after gaining great popularity thanks to his incarnations of secret agent James Bond, then demonstrated his excellent interpretive abilities in other genres along a long trajectory. After serving for three years in the navy, he performed various trades and at the age of twenty attended the contest of Mister Universe representing Scotland. In 1951 he played his first, rather minor role in the theater; After gaining some experience, in 1954 he began to play small roles in the cinema and other more important in television, as the boxer of the series Requiem for a heavyweight.

Sean Connery net worth

Sean Connery

In the movies he starred in films such as Terence Young’s The Frontier of Terror (1957); Muzzles of restlessness (1958), of Lewis Allen, in which it had its first protagonist paper; Or The Great Adventure of Tarzan (1958), by John Guillermin. His career did not seem to have a definite course when, in 1962, he was selected to play James Bond, the secret agent of Ian Fleming’s novels. Connery rose to fame with Agent 007 against Dr. No (Terence Young, 1962), an inaugural film that already contained all the ingredients of the series. The British secret agent is sent to Jamaica to investigate the deaths of some of his colleagues and locate a radar station that is boycotting the US space program. He suspects that something strange happens on Crab Key, an island inhabited by the enigmatic doctor. There he meets a beautiful young woman named Honey (Ursula Andress, the first “Bond girl”); After stirring scenes of action and ingenuity, Bond manages, as always, to disrupt the plans of the sinister doctor.

Beginning the series of greatest longevity in the history of cinema, the success that the first film of this character had in its premiere in London exceeded any expectation and created a myth: that of a cold and calculating hero, unscrupulous seducer and licensed To kill, whose behavior, in the end, was closer to that of the villain than to that of the hero, and in spite of this, with the virtue of continuing to appear the latter. Completely identified with the role, Sean Connery repeated it in several equally successful productions: From Russia with Love (1963) and Operation Thunder (1965), also with director Terence Young; James Bond vs. Goldfinger (1964) and Diamonds for Eternity (1971), with Guy Hamilton; And is only lived twice (1967), with Lewis Gilbert.

As the James Bond character catapulted him to the highest heights of popularity, his personal charm, interpretive talent, and manly presence soon made Sean Connery a superstar. In the following years it tried, with success, to get rid of the image of “handsome spy”, offering a wide range of cinematographic portraits. Although he would play Bond again in 1983 (Never Say Never Again, directed by Irvin Kershner), he took advantage of the intervening years to establish himself solidly as one of the most versatile and appreciated film actors. Among the many remarkable titles of those years can be mentioned Marnie, the thief (1964), of Alfred Hitchcock; The Hill (1965), by Sidney Lumet; Irvin Kershner’s Wonderful Man (1966); And The Man Who Could Reign (1975), by John Huston.

Net Worth of Sean Connery 

The Net Worth of Sean Connery in 2017 is $300 Million.

He won the British Academy Award for Best Actor for The Name of the Rose (1986), adaptation of Umberto Eco’s famous novel that brought the Frenchman Jean-Jacques Annaud to the cinema, and the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for The Untouchables Elliot Ness (1987), by Brian de Palma. In his maturity he has tended to assume the mentor roles of a young hero, such as he played in Indiana Jones and Spielberg’s last crusade (1989), or more recently in Rising Sun (1993) and Rock (1996) Which does not mean that he does not continue to be a convincing romantic beau, as he demonstrated in the Arthurian fantasy The First Knight (1995).

Other notable films of the 1990s were The Hunt for Red October (1990), The House Russia (1990), The Last Days of Eden (1992) and The Avengers (1998). His latest film collaborations include his transformation into the white-glove thief of Jon Amiel’s The Trap (1999); The solitary stranger of Gus van Sant’s Discovering Forrester (2001), and superhero character Alan Quatermain of Stephen Norrington’s The League of Extraordinary Men (2003).

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