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Ronald Reagan Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Ronald Reagan Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. 40th President of the United States of America (Kilton, Illinois, 1911 – Los Angeles, 2004). After a brief experience on the radio, he was a professional film actor, intervening in multiple Hollywood films between 1937 and 1964. He never became a big star, but he gained some notoriety as president of the actors’ union at the time of the hunt for Witches of McCarthy (1947-54). His later work as a television presenter provided him with the popularity he needed to make the leap into politics, joining the Republican Party and aligning himself with his more conservative current (1962).

With a great charisma for the American electorate, Reagan was elected Governor of the State of California in 1966 (and reelected in 1970). With his prestige intact after two terms, he decided not to run for re-election to fight for the presidential nomination following the fall of Nixon (1974). It would have to wait to obtain it, because in 1976 the party preferred to present the outgoing president – and ex- vice-president of Nixon- Gerald Ford; Ford lost the presidential election in front of the Democrats, leaving the way for Reagan in the following call.

He comfortably won the 1980 presidential election, appealing to American national pride after the alleged weakness of the Carter administration; It was about recovering the confidence of the Americans in their traditional values, seriously damaged by the Vietnam War (1969-74) and the Watergate case (1973).

Ronald Reagan net worth

Ronald Reagan

Reagan’s ability to communicate (related to his acting experience) allowed him to embody the strong leadership aspirations of the average American, giving him an uncomplicated re-election in 1984, despite his advanced age.

During his presidency (1981-89) he promoted a program of conservative revolution that matched well with the reactionary winds that encouraged the government of Margaret Thatcher in the United Kingdom and the pontificate of John Paul II in the Catholic Church. It consisted of a neoliberal economic policy to the extreme, accompanied by a military rearmament and a more aggressive foreign policy, that allowed to relaunch the crusade against the communism in the world.

It financed and armed the counterrevolutionary groups of Central America to force the fall of the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua. He ordered military interventions in defense of American interests in Granada (1983) and Libya (1986). It strengthened ties with NATO allies, from which it obtained support to deploy new medium-range missiles in Europe (the Euromisiles). E launched a qualitative leap in the arms race with its Strategic Defense Initiative (or Star Wars), aimed at developing new weapons that would guarantee Western technological superiority in an eventual nuclear conflict with the Soviet Union.

This rearmament program was the trigger for the collapse of the USSR, because its economic stagnation prevented it from following the rhythm imposed by Reagan in the arms race: he forced the USSR to sign nuclear disarmament agreements and to leave Afghanistan (1988), which Was tantamount to giving up playing a major role. As a result, the process of disintegration of the Soviet regime began under Gorbachev, which swept the collapse of communism on a world scale, with which Reagan’s most ambitious anti-communist dreams were filled.

Alongside that success, American public opinion considered minor failures, such as those harvested in attempting to overthrow the Islamic fundamentalist regime in Iran (which even secretly sold weapons to the US government to illegally finance Nicaragua’s counterrevolutionary guerrilla, Avoiding control of Congress, where the Democratic opposition had a majority).

Net Worth of Ronald Reagan

The Net Worth of Ronald Reagan in 2017 is $18 Million.

In economic policy the balance was less bright, for although there was some growth in the early years (driven by an ultraliberal policy with high social costs), the budget deficit did not stop growing and forced to maintain high interest rates that ended up weighing On the real economy. Despite economic difficulties at the end of his second term, Reagan maintained sufficient popularity to qualify for a third party if that possibility were not prohibited by law; The prestige of his administration facilitated the election of his Vice-President Bush in the presidential elections of 1988. Reagan retired of the policy in 1989, soon manifesting itself his serious problems of health (Alzheimer’s disease), that probably had already begun during the mandate presidential.

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