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Romario Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Romario Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. Brazilian footballer, one of the best strikers that has given the prolific football in Rio. After a long journey through European football, he returned to his country to play in several teams of renown and, at age forty-one, reached in 2007 the magic figure of a thousand goals, a mark that until then boasted the legendary Pele.

Romario net worth

Romario | Soccer Player

Born in a neighborhood of favelas in Rio, his father, a football fan, was also his first coach in the neighborhood team in which Romario was formed from four to thirteen years. In 1981 fichó by the Vasco da Gama, where it played like amateur until 1985, after to have already demonstrated its scoring ability.

Low in stature (he does not reach 1.70 m) and discreetly built, he filled those shortcomings with a unique ability, imagination and fantasy for a center forward. His creativity and flexibility in the area earned him several epithets, but he was left with the explicit definition of the ineffable Jorge Valdano: “He’s a cartoon player.” Nowadays I might have said: “from the Play Station”. A little worker, womanizer and lover of the night, he seemed destined for a short run. But his ability to recover did the rest, becoming one of the longest-lived players who set the challenge of not retiring until reaching the magical figure of the thousand goals, which showed Pele alone. When he announced his intention, many smiled.

Net Worth of Romario

Romario has a net worth of approximately $5 million USD.

Full Name Romário de Souza Faria
Net Worth$5 million
Age51 years

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In February 1985 he made his debut with the first team and turned pro. He was a born scorer, so in the 1985-86 season he made the leap to Europe, at PSV Eindhoven, with whom he won three leagues and scored 165 goals in 157 matches. In 1992 his international projection took a qualitative leap when signing for the Futbol Club Barcelona, with which in the season 1993-1994 gained Liga, obtaining the Pichichi with the 30 goals promised. That year, in addition, was proclaimed champion of the world and was chosen by the FIFA the best player of the match.

His stay in Barcelona lasted only until 1996, the year he returned to Brazil to play for Flamengo. He returned to Spain to play ephemerally with the Valencia Club de Fútbol, in which he was just starting because of his aggressiveness and dissolute life. Therefore, after winning his second Copa America in 1997, returned to Flamengo, in which only played the season 1998-1999. Nevertheless, in his two stays in this team he won two state championships, as many Guanbara Cups and a Mercosur Cup, with a 204 goal mark of Baixinho, as he is known by his teammates and by the specialized press.

At that time, that shy and reserved player out of the field fell into a serious depression, which only surpassed when returning to “his” Vasco da Gama, in which he played the 2000-2001 season, announcing for the umpteenth time his retirement. However, at the end of 2001 he agreed to play some games with Fluminense, who offered him a succulent sum. It disputed however 77 parties and it scored 84 goals, but its habitual indisciplines and its confrontation with the coach, Alexandre Gama, caused its dismissal 20 of October of 2004. Announced again that it hung the boots. However, she left the team listening to the sirens of the huge tokens offered by the Arab sheiks. So in 2003 he played several matches with Al Saad of Qatar.

On his return, he himself organized a tribute party to his person that was disputed in the Coliseum of Los Angeles, where a team of Brazilian veterans faced Mexico, which defeated to 2-1. It seemed that the third was the loser. But in 2005, at the age of thirty-nine, the phoenix rose again from its ashes: he returned to Vasco da Gama, with whom he played the 2005-2006 season. Despite his low form, he was proclaimed top scorer of the championship, with 22 goals. He had not lost his scoring scoring. He had retired from the national team on April 28, 2005, after winning Guatemala 3-0 in São Paulo. In the 85 games played representing his country, he had scored 71 goals.

Controversial for his dolce vita and his lack of some training, Romario was always in the foreground. He always did things and business without consulting. Hence the trials in which he has been involved, as when in April 1995 had to pay compensation of $ 22,200 to Arthur Antunes Coimbra, Zico, for having used his image in the doors of the toilets of a bar that the Pichulín, As it is also known, had opened in Rio.

With a large family and his ancestral megalomania, he always needed money. For this reason, in March 2006 he signed an agreement with Miami, a United States amateur team, to play a few games. After receiving his check, in the middle of the same year he signed an agreement with Australia’s Adelaide United to play four matches, for which he collected $ 350,000.

Vasco da Gama had signed an agreement with the player to finish his career in the team of his life. It was then that Romario set the challenge of reaching the 1,000 goals. His desire was to score the mythical goal thousand in Maracaná, but failed twice. Finally, on May 20, 2007 he got the figure in a match against the Sport Club of Recife, a penalty, just like Pelé. Then he would score two more goals. Pelé celebrated the feat and congratulated Romario, but warned him: “I scored 1228 goals.”

Some media questioned the figure, including FIFA, so Romario presented the corresponding certification of the clubs in which he had played: 324 goals with Vasco da Gama; 204 with the Flamengo; 165 with PSV Eindhoven; 53 with the Futbol Club Barcelona; 43 with Fluminense; 22 with Miami; 14 with Valencia Club de Fútbol, 1 with Adelaide, and 85 with the national team, in addition to those scored in home teams and friendly games. A thousand goals in 1,260 games, which gave an average of 0.8 goals per game. He had fulfilled his dream, and now he did not want to drag himself around the fields, for in those last few matches he hardly moved from the area, waiting for the passes of his companions.

But Romario will not be remembered only for this achievement, but for the beautiful bill of his goals and the awards he has received individually: FIFA World Player of the Year (1994); Best player of the World Cup of that same year in the United States; Best South American footballer (2000); Top scorer of the Dutch League in three seasons and one in the Spanish. With Brazil, they excel their world title, its two America cups (1989 and 1997) and a Confederations Cup (1997).

When he was terminating his relationship with football, on July 3, 2007 he agreed to join (at the express wish of Michel Platini) the FIFA Technical Development Committee, which was responsible for analyzing with technical vision the events organized by the highest authority Soccer, chaired that same year by the ex- French player. And in October he also accepted the position of coach of the team of his life, Vasco da Gama.

This would not prevent him from devoting himself more keenly to the important electric power company of which he was one of the main shareholders, and would allow him to continue with his whims, like recording some disc or wearing jeans charisma. With forty-one years and six children with four different women, the girl in his eyes is the smallest, who has Down syndrome. She dedicates her greatest affection because she says that she feels happy. He even made a public call for parents in the same situation to feel proud of their disabled children.

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