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Roman Reigns Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

WWE super star Roman Reigns Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. How much rich and wealthy he is, and about his annual/monthly earning. Roman Reigns’s full name is Leati Joseph Anoa’i, and he is considered one of the richest wrestlers of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). This article will focus on Reigns mighty Net Worth and his career, and hardships faced by this strong player to attain such wealth. Reigns initially opened up to public as a young football player from George Tech and struggled really hard to reach a top standard in the queue of world famous wrestlers. He was born on May 25, 1985, in Pensacola, Florida US, the place where the natives still adore Reigns as making them proud!

Roman Reigns net worth income profile

Roman Reigns | Wrestler

He has many known wrestlers in his family, and one of his cousins wanted him to see him growing as a football player. This led Reigns to take part in active sports of football, where he has also made a successful name. He attended the Georgia Institute of Technology where he played football and got a prominent importance in Canadian Football League. Reigns soon came to know that he was never made for football and that his skills can prove his worth in a much better way. Seeing his cousin’s successful careers and having a heart of thrill Reigns decided to go for WWE. At present he is considered as the best and richest wrestler in WWE!

At the end of the day, I am definitely the one getting rich.

-Roman Reigns!

 Net Worth of Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns worth

Roman Reigns

Ring NameRoman Reigns
Full NameLeati Joseph "Joe" Anoaʻi
Net Worth 2017$7 million
Annual Income$1.35 million
Match Fee$30,000
Monthly Salary (WWE)$0.2 Million

Estimated net worth of Roman Reigns is 5.5 million USD. Roman Reigns is considered one of the of the best fantastic wrestler who found himself a better fighter than a football player. The Forbes 2016 magazine states his salary as, a round sum of 455,500 US dollars annually, while he won extra bonuses of 151,833 US dollars in the same year as well. It is no doubt that Reigns fortune at this moment is waving too high, where this glorious wrestler is being hailed by all the colleagues, fans, and whole WWE industry. Now we know the real worth of Roman Reigns, let’s discuss his income and net worth! Reigns have a market value of about 3 million US dollars. In the year 2017, he is expected to get a payroll of 524,000 US dollars. Reigns have surely built up an empire for his family; if they all use such wealth wisely there is no doubt that it can remain for his generations. Read about another wrestler The Undertaker Net Worth and salary.

  • Roman Reigns Earnings for year 2016:     –              $455,500 (Basic)
  • Overall Earnings for year 2016:                   –              $1.35 million
  • Earnings of Winning and different Bonuses:        $151,850
  • Roman Reigns total Net worth:                  –              $5,500,000
  • Other Occupation’s Income:                       –              $114,000
  • Net Market Value of Roman Reigns:       –              $3,000,000

Roman Reigns Quick Biography

Roman Reigns full name is Leati Joseph Anoaʻi. He is a well known and worthy WWE wrestler. He was born in Pensacola, Florida, the United States on May 25, 1985. He holds American citizenship. He owns a healthy net worth, the whose mainly source is wrestling. Besides working as a professional wrestler, he is also a former Football player. Roman is married to Galina Joelle Becker and has one child namely Joelle. His education is from Georgia Institute of Technology. Reigns height is 6 feet 3 inches ( about 191 cm ) and weight is 265 pounds ( about 120 kg ).

Roman Reigns Popularity:

Roman Reigns total worth

Roman Reigns | WWE superstar

Reigns signed a contract with WWE in July of the year 2010 along with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. These three players working in a group called The Shield got really popular and made huge fan population. Later they changed the group name to The Justice. WWE followers really adored their combine performance. But as Seth Rollins betrayed his fellow team members, they could not further move together, and they all separated. When it comes to WWE majors, Roman Reigns is not only the subject of his fans, but also many superstars of WWE world also praise his credibility. Roman Reigns has successfully won 3 WWE Championships. People related to the World Wrestling Entertainment usually call him as  Big Dog and The Big Guy. Reigns has mastered himself off quite a skills when it comes to the ring world, he has successfully defeated many big names in the wrestling world like Legend Undertaker is known as Deadman,  Dean Ambrose,  Seth Rollins, Batista was known as Animal, Randy Orton, Kane was known as Red Machine, the legendary John Cena, TripleH was known as Game Sheamus known as Warrior, and Brock Lesnar referred to as The Beast. This shows the worth of Roman Reigns and his credibility of making the right decision to leave football.

Roman Reigns Net Worth from 2013-2017

Reigns Net Worth dramatically increased from the year 2013 to 2017. As he performed incredibly amazing in the ring and won many titles during his career. He is estimated to be the highly paid wrestler at the present moment. He was pretty much rich up till 2012 but as the year 2013 Reigns got a sudden boost in his income and his salary and wealth is continuously increasing as his popularity is growing day by day. Roman Reigns Net Worth is estimated to be about 5.6 million US dollar up till July 2016, and his annual salary is estimated to be 246,000 US dollars.

Earnings & Financial Data in previous years
How Rich Roman Reigns was In these years?

Roman Reigns salary

Roman Reigns | Comparison

Here is a brief detail of Roman Reigns earning of Fame career to the running year 2016.

Years                                                     Salary (Basic)     Net Worth

  • Earning of the year 2013               $227,750              $2,810,811
  • Earning of the year 2014               $314,138              $3,200,000
  • Earning of the year 2015               $455,500              $4,500,000
  • Earning of the year 2016               $524,000              $5,600,000

Championships Title in Career

Roman Reigns has been successful to win the 3 times WWE Heavyweight Championship and one time Tag Team Championship. He has defeated so many superheroes of WWE during his career, his career-best year was 2015 when he was at the peak defending and fighting for the WWE Championship. WWE fans around the globe are looking forward to seeing Reigns again in the ring with popular faces of Raw and John Cena. Roman Reigns is surely a worthy wrestler, and his value is increasing day by day, he is likely to win many new titles!. See also about another wrestler Bill Goldberg Net Worth and salary.

Superstar of the Year

Roman Reigns is mentioned as one of the highly paid wrestlers of WWE of all time. He achieved so many milestones in a very short span of his career. His career as a professional wrestler made him a huge amount of money. He has made an enormous sum of money that he actually deserves. Besides his mighty net worth Reigns also enjoy the nice sum of money which he gets in the form of different bonuses and allowances. Reigns have also proved to become a heroic personality in the media and advertisement fields. Reigns merely joined WWE six years ago and remained successful in building such an empire of the name, fame and wealth.He has a boundless treasure of his fans. Reigns were titled as ‘Superstar of the Year’ for the year 2015  also he is the winner of the Royal Rumble of the recent year.

Roman Reigns Personal Life

Roman Reigns basically belongs to a wrestling family. His father also being a well-known wrestler of his time, Reigns always wished to grow up like his father. Also, many of his cousins were professional wrestlers whose careers had always fascinated Reigns. He has an Italian and Samoan origins. He first attended Catholic High School. Later Reigns went to Georgia Institute of Technology to get his Bachelors degree where he began his football career at NFL. Soon Reigns left football to join wrestling and signed contracts with WWE. Roman has quite the opposite life outside the world of wrestling, he has been married with a daughter which he recently showed up at public service announcement. He is a responsible and loving father. Reigns have an amazing personality, and he is quite a skillful person who made him quite a million dollars. There have been quite many ups and downs in Reigns career, but he never gave up and has managed to overcome life challenges.

The Net Worth of Roman Reigns in comparison with other WWE superstars:

  • The Roman Reigns’s total Net Worth : 5.5 million US dollars
  • The Roman Reigns versus Dave Bautista’s Net Worth : 55 percent ( more than half )
  • The Roman Reigns versus David Otunga’s Net Worth : 52 percent ( about half )
  • The Roman Reigns versus Dean Ambrose’s Net Worth : 91 percent
  • The Roman Reigns versus Dolph Ziggler’s Net Worth : 3.43 times more
  • The Roman Reigns versus Drew McIntyre’s Net Worth : 99 percent (about the same)
  • The Roman Reigns versus Erick Rowan’s Net Worth : 100 percent (exactly same)
  • The Roman Reigns versus Evan Bourne’s Net Worth : 3.66 times more
  • The Roman Reigns versus Ezekiel Jackson’s Net Worth : 2.2 times more
  • The Roman Reigns versus Goldust’s Net Worth : 98 percent (about the same)
  • The Roman Reigns versus Heath Slater’s Net Worth : 61 percent
  • The Roman Reigns versus Hornswoggle’s Net Worth : 1.83 times more
  • The Roman Reigns versus Jack Swagger’s Net Worth : 3.67 times more
  • The Roman Reigns versus net worth of Randy Orton : 1.9 times more.
  • The Roman Reigns versus Jey Uso net worth : 1.87 times more
  • The Roman Reigns versus Brock Lesnar net worth : 4 times more.
  • The Roman Reigns versus Hunico’s Net Worth :  2.29 times more


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