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Rodney Mullen Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Rodney Mullen Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. The great skateboarder and freestyle skating pro-Rodney Mullen born in 1966. He starts practicing skateboarding right from his childhood. He has the passion of skateboarding beyond anything. His father was so strict that he was not able to practice it openly. So he did skateboarding practice in a family garage with all safety requirement that somehow, he was able to manage.

Rodney Mullen net worth

Rodney Mullen | Skateboarder

After a lot of hard practice, he invented many tricks and showed the world his unbeatable talent. He did not confine those tricks and tips to himself, rather made videos and showed his fellows and students how to do it. Many of his tricks became world famous and were given different names like flat ground ollie, kickflip/magic flip and many other tricks like these.

Rodney Mullen estimated net worth

Rodney Mullen Net Worth Article

Rodney is considered world best street board skater, and also counted among the most influential skateboarders of this era. He was not just limited to the videos or coaching, rather moved ahead and write a biography with the title “The Mutt: How to Skateboard and not Kill Yourself,” in the light of his experience in this sports.

In 1991, he joined the world famous Plan B. He released many videos through this platform. After a period of two years, he has to step down from Plan B due to the sudden death of his companion Mike Ternasky. After some years of wait, he came up as the opponent of Plan B, with his company. He named his company as A team, where he planned to gather a superb team of skateboarders. In our previous articles about Steve Berra Net Worth, Nyjah Huston Net Worth, and Wee Man Net Worth, he told these players have worked for Tony Hawk, in his video releases for different games. Just like that Rodney Mullen also had experience of working along with legendary skateboarder, entrepreneur, and inventor of different video games – Tony Hawk. He got an appearance in many of his videos and earned a wealth of good worth. See here the net worth of Tony Hawk. The video sessions were not limited to Toney Hawk, rather, Mullen also worked with Daewon Song, and a video was released entitled Rodney vs. Daewon. These collaborations work well for both of the partners. You may like to read about the net worth of Daewon Song.

Net Worth Of Rodney Mullen

Full NameJohn Rodney Mullen
Net worth$30 million
Source of IncomeSkateboarding

The net worth of Rodney Mullen is estimated about $30 million. This includes all of his earning from board skating, ventures with Plan B, Daewon Song, and Tony Hawk. This figure of total worth includes the worth of his company A-team.

net total worth of Mullen

Rodney – an Athelete

When we compare the net worth with other skateboarders, we see that Rob Dyrdek net worth is almost double of this, while Ryan Sheckler net worth is half of this. Ryan Dunn net worth is one-fifth of the net worth of this celebrity of skateboarder.

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