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Richest Franchise of IPL – Most Richest Team in Indian Premier League

ipl prize money and trophyMost Richest Team in Indian Premier League

Richest Franchise of IPL and Most Richest Team in Indian Premier League. Franchises are long term investment, even in a lucrative tournament such as Ipl. It would be a surprising thing to know that in the earlier edition of Ipl, KKR was the only team to make profits.

Franchises need to earn more in order to maintain or increase their brand value. The primary factor that contributes to increasing franchise’s brand value is the players that the team bought in the auction. The greater the name of the players, the more interest they shall draw from the IPL richest franchise.

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In this regard, if we talk of the richest team in IPL 2017, it can definitely by none other than KKR. KKR is jointly owned by Bollywood king Shahrukh khan, and jay Mehta, who are also the owner of red chillies entertainment and Mehta group respectively. The owners bought the team at a hefty amount of 75 million. However, the brand value of the team is approximately 50 lakhs. Making it the richest team of IPL.

Richest Franchise of IPL

The other fairly richer teams can be ranked in this order

Mumbai Indians: Mumbai Indian was supposedly the most productive team, for spending the most amount, that is 111 million. However, its brand value is only up to 45  million. Mumbai Indians have seen quite a decline since the retirement of the little master Sachin Tendulkar, and need to be back in the game.

Chennai super kings: The owner paid 90 million for its ownership rights, and it currently stands at a value of 40 million

Rcb : The group chairman Vijay malia purchased the team at a price of 111.98 million. However, its brand value is up to 35 million. However, there has been a decrease in the current value, because of the absence of the star player Virat Kohli due to injury.

Kings Punjab: Purchased at the amount of 68 million and has a brand value up to 36 million. The absence of the team owner has decreased the spirits of the players, making it a low performing team in the current season

In order to increase their brand value, one of them needs to win the title price; lets see who makes to it in the 10th edition of the Game.

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Updated: April 15, 2017 — 3:15 pm

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