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Richard Nixon Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Richard Nixon Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. American politician who was the thirty-seventh president of the United States of America (1968-1974). He was born into a family of Methodist farmers of humble origin who moved to Whittier California when the young Richard was nine years old; There he alternated his studies of primary with his work in the store of groceries and in the gas station of the parents.

Excellent student, in the year 1934 graduated in the school of Whittier with special mention, which was worth to him to obtain a scholarship to go to the Duke University of North Carolina, where he obtained a law degree in 1937. After finishing the race, He went to New York to get a job at any Wall Street firm, which he failed to do. He returned to Whittier to end up practicing law at the city’s most renowned firm, Winger & Bewley, where he became a partner. Soon he was sent to the small town of La Habra with the mission of running a small branch of the firm, where he met his wife, Thelma Catherine Patricia Ryan, with whom he married on July 21 1940.

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net worth of Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon

In March 1942, Nixon began working in the Washington Attorney’s Office, but as soon as World War II began his country joined the Navy with the rank of lieutenant. Much of the conflict happened in the Pacific, integrated in the South Pacific Air Transport Command, body in which finished like a commander.

After the war, Nixon returned to Whittier to devote himself entirely to politics. His career began in 1946, when he was elected a member of the House of Representatives as Whittier’s representative, following a belligerent campaign characterized by patriotic and anti-communist discourse with which he wiped out his opponent, Democrat Jerry Worheer, whom he accused of Be an instrument of Moscow.

Richard Nixon’s political career took off altogether between 1948 and 1949 when he was a member of Senator Joseph MacArthur’s Committee on Un-American Activities and got him to open an investigation to try Alger Hiss, a former State Department official suspected of leaking Classified documentation to Whitaker Chambers, an old and recognized member of the clandestine American Communist Party. The exceptional brilliance with which he carried out the case made him little less than a national hero. After such a resounding success, Richard Nixon was chosen to develop, together with other representatives, the Marshall Plan of economic aid to post-war Europe.

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In 1950, Richard Nixon won a California senatorial position following a relentless campaign in which he pulverized his opponent, Democrat Helen Gahagan Douglas, whom he publicly humiliated by calling her the derogatory nickname of Pink Lady. Thanks to a hard and relentless style that he used against all his opponents, Nixon became the most well-known and feared of the republican orators.

In 1952, Republican presidential candidate Dwight David Eisenhower chose him as vice president in his candidacy, a project that was about to collapse when it was discovered that Richard Nixon had accepted $ 18,000 from private sources to supplement his salary as a congressman. Nixon, in a show of bravery, decided to take his own defense before the cameras of fledgling state television, where he convinced the audience that the only gift he had accepted as a senator was a dog he did not think to give up because his daughters adored him . Back in the clean-cut political arena, Nixon again swept Democratic vice-presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson.

Net Worth of Richard Nixon 

The Net Worth of Richard Nixon i  2017 is $15 Million.

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Full Name Richard Nixon
Net Worth$15 Million
Military Officer
Annual Income$3 Million

During his two consecutive terms as Vice President of the United States, Richard Nixon enjoyed an unusual political role and prerogatives for his position, given the political responsibilities that Eisenhower delegated to himself. He presided over most of the meetings of the Government and of the leaders of the Congress, while he assumed presidential functions three times (1955, 1956 and 1957) due to the chronic heart disease suffered by the president. But he stood out as an extraordinary ambassador of his country to the whole world, as a result of which he visited a total of 55 states.

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