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Raul Castro Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Raul Castro Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. Cuban Revolutionary, military and politician, president of Cuba since 2008. He accompanied his brother Fidel Castro already in the attempt of the Moncada Barracks (1953) and also in the landing of the Granma ( 1956), which led to the formation of the revolutionary guerrilla in Sierra Maestra. After the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, Raúl Castro held positions of high responsibility in the army and in the new regime until, since 1976, he became a natural successor to Fidel Castro.

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net worth of Raul Castro

Raul Castro

His outspoken defender of orthodoxy, his appointment as a Cuban president in 2008 did not encourage expectations of openness, but it coincided with Barack Obama’s arrival in the White House; After a long and discreet dialogue, both countries reestablished diplomatic relations in 2015, although the lifting of the US economic embargo, which, coupled with the end of Soviet aid after the collapse of the USSR in 1991, left in permanent hardship The economy of the island.

Fifth of the seven children of the marriage formed by Ángel Castro Argiz and Lina Ruz González, of Galician origin, Raul Castro was born in the cane plantation of its father, in the village of Birán, province of East, 3 of June of 1931. He studied in Jesuit schools, first in Santiago de Cuba and then in Havana, where he started a diploma in social sciences that did not end because of his political activities.

His Marxist ideological commitment was prior to that of his brother Fidel: affiliated to the Socialist Youth, an organization of the Communist Party (PSP), in February 1953 he participated in the World Youth Congress in Vienna and visited several Capital of the Soviet bloc.

Upon returning to Havana, he joined the movement led by his brother Fidel within the Reformist Orthodox Party, which fought against the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, and participated in the failed attack on the Barracks of Moncada on July 26, 1953, Considered as the initial gestation of the Revolution. The two brothers were captured by police, but the intercession of the archbishop of Havana, Monsignor Enrique Perez Serantes, freed them from reprisals. Raúl, convicted of sedition for 13 years in prison, was released in May 1955 thanks to a general amnesty.

Net Worth of Raul Castro

The Net Worth of Raul Castro in 2017 is $120 Million.

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Full Name Raul Castro
Net Worth$120 Million
ProfessionMilitary Officer

Annual Income$15 Million

After his release, he moved to Mexico, where he helped his brother capture supporters and organize the insurrectional movement. There he reestablished his relations with the Soviet agent Nikolai Leonov, who exerted great influence on the incipient guerilla. At the end of 1956, Fidel, Raúl and eighty comrades sailed from Mexico on the yacht Granma and landed in the Cuban province of Oriente. Most of the insurgents were either killed or captured by Batista’s troops, but the Castro brothers and ten other comrades, including Camilo Cienfuegos and Che Guevara, managed to flee and take refuge in the Sierra Maestra to begin their struggle. Would lead to the seizure of power.

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