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Randy Orton Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Randy Orton Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. How much he is earning and wealthy. These figures will give you idea how much rich the WWE superstar is. Randy Orton is considered a well-known professional wrestler and pioneer of the wrestling world who is currently signed to WWE. He was born in Tennessee, on April 1, 1980. Randy belonged to a professional wrestler’s family that is in this business for 3 generations. Randy is the son of Bob Orton Jr. And a grandson to Bob Orton Sr who both were talented professional boxers of their time. His uncle, Barry O, has also participated in the professional boxing industry.

randy orton net worth

Randy Orton | WWE Super Star

So it is not awkward to say that Randy grew up between the legends! Randy initially participated in Mid-Missouri Wrestling Association, then he went for Southern Illinois Conference Wrestling, and later to the Ohio Valley Wrestling where he showed his worth and earn a lot of fame. Finally, Randy started his WWF/WWE career. Randy Orton has faced a lot of difficulties and hardships during his wrestling career, but it is not wrong to say that he overcame all those hurdles quite efficiently.

You can call me sick. Or call me deranged. But I am going to be your worst nightmare. I am going to be your hero, whether you like it or not.

-Randy Orton!


 Net Worth of Randy Orton

randy orton net worth income profile

Randy Orton

Full NameRandal Keith "Randy" Orton
Randy Orton’s total Net Worth $9 Million

Basic Salary of the year 2016$2,500,000
Worth of winning and other Bonuses $820,000
Worth of Endorsements and other Income$625,500
Randy Orton’s Market Value $15 Million
Annual Salary2,700,000 US dollars
Average Per Month Salary225,000 US dollars
Per Week Salary51,923 US dollars
Avg Per Day Salary7,397 US dollars
Forbes Magazine March 2016 reported Net Worth$2.7 million
TSMPlug Feb 2014 reported Net Worth $1.6 million (excluding a private traveling tour bus).
Bleacher Report July 2012 reported$1.5 million approximately

Randy owns an overwhelming net worth of 15.5 million US dollars. He has gained a sudden reputation and importance in WWE. His worth in the industry can be measured by the fact that currently, he is the second highly paid wrestler after the legendary John Cena. He was the third highly paid wrestler up until the year 2015, but in the current year of 2017 he even rolled down the Dwayne the Rock Johnson and took his place instead. Orton earned about 2.5 million US dollars in 2015 alone. His fortune is surely shining bright like his career.

While Forbes Magazine in March of 2016 reported Net Worth that is $2.7 million. TSMPlug Feb 2014 reported Net Worth which is $1.6 million (excluding a private traveling tour bus). Another Magazine Bleacher Report July 2012 reported Net Worth: $1.5 million approximately.

A lot contribution in this wealth is his family name. His father and grandfather were well-known professional wrestlers. Randy is respected in all domains of WWE industry.

Earnings & Financial Data in previous years : Net Worth and Salary

randy orton salary

Randy orton | The Wrestler

Here is a brief detail of Randy Orton’s earning due to his successful career to the running year 2016.

  • Net Worth of the year 2014                        $4,000,700
  • Net Worth of the year 2015                        $7,000,000
  • Net Worth of the year 2016                        $9,000,000

Expected salary of Randy Orton for the year 2017 according to the contract is about $2,800,500

  • Salary in the year 2014                               $1,220,000
  • Salary in the year 2015                               $1,690,000
  • Salary in the year 2016                               $2,500,000

It can be easily expected that by the end of 2017 Randy Orton will be having an approximated wealth of 9 Million US dollars which will surely reach up to 20 Million US dollars by the year 2017. At present, World Wrestling Entertainment is considered to hold two most popular and favorite characters one of which is Randy Orton, other being the Roman Reigns. Randy has an old ring name as The Legend Killer, which he changed to RKO. As he is a third generation wrestler, he is surely a classic choice which is really difficult to handle inside the ring! In the year 2016, Summer Slam show got a high viewership and became quite popular as Randy matched with Brock Lesnar, but unfortunately Randy lost the game.

Randy Orton Next Emerging Star

Randy Orton’s sudden success clearly shows that he is going to be the next top class WWE star. He has already proved his worth by defeating a long list of well-known wrestlers. When Randy joined the group Evolution with Ric Flair, Batista, and Triple H. he got quite a fame. His fans are numerous and really adore his credibility. Randy performs really maturely in the ring and is a gentleman in the outer world. His career is a bright and successful story. WWE had given him quite an encouragement ever since when Randy joined WWE. He has a high market value of 15 Million US dollars, and enjoys a pretty valued life!

The Net Worth of Randy Orton in comparison with WWE superstars


  • The Randy Orton’s total Net Worth                                         : $15.5 Million
  • The Randy Orton’s Net Worth versus John Cena net worth      : 51 percent (about half)
  •  Net Worth of The Randy Orton versus The Rock net worth    :22 percent (about quarter)
  •  The Randy Orton’s Total Worth versus Brock Lesnar net worth :1.47 times more
  •  The Randy Orton’s  versus Daniel Bryan                                  :1.93 times more
  •  The Randy Orton’s Net Worth versus Big Show net worth       :1.29 times more
  • The Randy Orton’s Net Worth versus The Great Khali               :2.58 times more
  • The Randy Orton’s Net Worth versus Sheamus                          :2.82 times more
  • The Randy Orton’s Net Worth versus Dolph Ziggler net worth  : 5.16 times more
  • The Randy Orton’s Net Worth versus Alberto Del Rio                  :2.21 times more

Quick Biography Of Randal Keith “Randy” Orton

Randy Orton full name is Randal Keith Orton. He was born in Place Knoxville, Tennessee, the US on 1st April of the year 1980. He is a world-class pro wrestler and an actor. His ethnicity is Indian, French, and German. His education is from Hazelwood Central High School. Randy holds American citizenship. He is married to Samantha Speno and has one child named Alanna Marie. Randy Orton’s height 6 feet 5 inches (about 1.95 m) and weight is 235 pounds (about 107 kg). Randy has a huge fan following. His different sources of earning are through television, sports, and of course wrestling.

Successful Career of Randy Orton

Net worth of any celebrity depends upon his success. Randy Orton has quite a successful career story, after signing in with the WWF, he successfully won the title of WWE Intercontinental Championship. Randy is considered as the youngest Heavyweight Champion of WWE as he won this title at a mere age of 24. Back in the year 2006, he collaborated with the Edge and won himself the mighty title of World Championship of Tag Team. Randy was lucky to win 3 World Heavyweight Championships of WWE, and six WWE Championships. Randy also won the Royal Rumble match in the year 2009. He married Samantha Speno in September of the year 2007. Randy has one daughter named Alanna Marie Orton who was born in July of the year 2008. He is definitely living a healthy and prosperous life even outside the ring.

More about Randy Orton career

Randy Orton is expected to own a mighty net worth of about 6 million US dollars. It must have taken quite an effort by him to build such a vast wealth. He has not only earned the huge sum of money but also won the hearts of millions of his fans all around the world. People really adore his performance and his skills whenever Randy steps in the ring. Randy did not only earn a name in the field of professional wrestling but has also got a successful acting career as well. His acting has also greatly contributed to his wealth and earned him quite a fame. Randy has definitely got a wrestling blood as this career runs in his families for generations. Also, he has many of his uncles who are active in pro sports. He has successfully won so many titles when it comes to wrestling industry thus making him quite worthy in his field. Randy is considered a pioneer and an A rated wrestler by WWE officials. He has defeated so many big faces and became a superstar earning millions. His current market value is about 15 million US dollars. Randy has a huge fan traffic that adores their superhero! Randi owns a charming bungalow whose worth is estimated to be 1.5 million US dollars. Randy earned about 1.8 million US dollars from WWE according to the contract, which excludes the worth of his quite large bonuses and allowances. Randy Orton has quite a successful career due to his amazing performance. In this way got his worth to the peak.

Winner of Royal Rumble

Randy Orton is currently popular for his SmackDown performance of WWE. When he steps in the ring, his skillful tactics and aggression amaze all the audience. There is a large applauding by his fans when the announcements to summon Randy are made. Randy won the Royal Rumble of the year 2009. With such a credibility there is no doubt that Randy would be quite a wealthy person. His big competitors which Randy defeated include Kane, CM Punk, Seth Rollins, Triple H, and John Cena. Randy is considered as the second highly paid wrestler of WWE, first being the legendary John Cena who is earning about 9 million US dollars annually. He defeated the late wrestler Chris Benoit at the age of just 24 years and held a WWE Championship, making him the youngest WWE Champion. Randy stands in the queue of world’s top superstar wrestlers!. As you know winnings always increase the  net worth of a wrestler.

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