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PSL Ticket Price 2018 To Buy and Online Booking Pakistan Super League

PSL Ticket Price To Buy and Online Booking Pakistan Premier League season 3. Pakistan super league, short form PSL is going on its peak now days. Scheduled fixtures are going great with thrilling innings and chasing scores, there’s an addition of 6th team i.e. Multan Sultans in the PSL fever for 2018 edition.

Every Pakistani and most of the international cricketers are very much interested in watching cricket in stadium in PSL 3 season. We are gonna tell you where you can buy cheap PSL tickets online and pre book them so that you are assured that no match is missed. Otherwise the sale of tickets is at its peak, as many people are planning to visit there. Else, tickets are also available to book online for PSL final in Lahore.

Follow these to get tickets Link 1 Link 2

Opening Match Between Multan Sultans and Peshawar Zalmi

Price Table for opening ceremony and the very first match between Multan Sultans and Peshawar Zalmi

Ticket Price Range30 - 250 AED
Economical ticket price30 AED ( 800 Pkr )
For international stand50 AED
Premium west stand100 AED
Premium east stand100 AED
Platinum stands250 AED

2 Days After Ceremony Double Header

Price 40 – 275 AED

Ticket Price for 12th

Price 20 – 220 AED

Diamond Box Tickets for on Going Matches

Price 600 AED

Outlets Where You can Buy PSL Tickets for 2018

1. Al Ghurair Intemationai Exchange - NAIF BR 21 . Barbecue Delights - THE WALK IN 18R
2. AI Ghurair International Exchange - AL GHURAIR CITY 22. Cadeau Farah Mobile Trading - SHARJAH
3. AI Gh urair International Exchange - AL QOUZ 3 23. Cricket Stadium - SHARJAi-i
4. Al Ghurair International Exchange - AL QUOZ 2 24- Dawar Al Yash Mobile Phone Trading ' AJMAN
5. Al Ghurair International Exchange - BURJUMAN CENTRE 25. Delhi Nihari Restaurant - AL NAH DA
6. AI Ghurair International Exchange - DIP 2 26. Delhi Nihari Restaurant - CLOCK TOWER
7. Ai Ghurair International Exchange - DRAGON MART 2 BRANCH 27. Dubai Cricket Stadium - SPORTS CITY
8. Al Ghurair International Exchange - DTB BR 28. Hawwasm Mobile - AJMAN - Dubai
9. AI Ghurair International Exchange - HOR AL ANZ BRANCH 29. Hotline Telecom SATWA - DUBAI
10. Al Ghurair International Exchange - IBN 30. Hotline Century Mail - DUBAI
1 1. AI Ghurair International Exchange - MEENA BAZAAR 31. Karachi Darbar - AL WAHDA
12. Al Ghurair International Exchange - MUSSAFAH 32. Karachi Darbar - SAMNAN
13. Al Ghurair International Exchange - MUWELAH BRANCH 33. Live World Electronics - DUBAI
14. Al Ghurair International Exchange - OMAR BIN IcHATTAB 34. Loulout AI Khaleej Mobiles - SHARJAH
15. Al Ghurair International Exchange - RIQA ROAD 35. RPM Telecom - DUBAI
16. Al Kaleem Mbiles & Computers - SHARJAH 36. TCS Express Worldwide - 3 OUTLETS
17. A] Sports - SHARJAH 37. Telefono - DUBAI
18. Barbecue Delights - DOWNTOWN DUBAI 38. Wadi Nada Aswaq - DUBAI
19. Barbecue Delights - DRAGON MART 2 39. Wadi Nadi. Al Warqa - DUBAI
20. Barbecue Delights - LANCY SQUARE. OUDH MEHTA 40. Wakhra Restaurant - BARSHAOT. AL NAHDA

Al Habib Bank Annouces Following Outlets for Pakistan Super League Tickets

1Karachi Darbar ( Samnan)
2Karachi Darbar ( Al Wahda)
3Delhi Nihari Restaurant – Clock Tower
4Delhi Nihari Restaurant – Al Nahda
5AJ Sports Sharjah
6Sharjah Cricket Stadium
7Wakha Restaurant – Barsha 01 , Al Nahda Branch
8TCS Dubai Cricket Stadium
10Al-Kaleem Mobiles & Computers – Sharjah
11Cadeau Farah Mobile Trading – Sharjah
12Dawar Al Yash Mobile Phone Trading – Ajman
13Hawwasm Mobile – Dubai
14Hotline Telecom Aswaq – Dubai
15Hotline Century Mall – Dubai
16Live World Electronics – Dubai
17Loulouat Al Khaleej Mobiles – Sharjah
18RPM Telecom – Dubai
19Telefono – Dubai
20Wadi Nada Aswaq – Dubai
21Wadi Nada, Al Warqa – Dubai
22Wadi Nada, Mirdiff Mall – Dubai
23Barbeque Delight – 4 Branches
24Al Ghurair Exchange – All branches

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