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Pervez Musharraf Net Worth Assets and Income Profile

Pervez Musharraf Net Worth Assets and Income Profile. Pervez Musharraf is the Former president of Pakistan. He is a retired General, who over throw the Govt of Nawaz Sharif and declared the martial law in the country. He conducted general elections in the country, through which he made a parliament and  got elected by the parliamentarians as the president. He was elected in 2001 till 2008. Then he resigned from the presidency and went abroad.

Actually, Musharraf born in Indian city, later on groomed in the then capital of Pakistan – Karachi.

Pervez Musharraf net worth

Pervez Musharraf

He get enrolled into the Pakistan military academy kakul PMA at the age of 18. There, his journey was full of hard work, which paid him off as his better ranks.

Net Worth of Pervez Musharraf 

Full NamePervez Musharraf
Net Worth$6 million
Assets Declared in ECRs. 1.96 million shares of Bank
Gold Declared in EC170 tolas gold jewellery
Other Assets Declared in ECRs 6 million furniture

He was the graduate of 29th PMA Long Course. Then he was ranked to second lieutenant and served as commission officer in artillery regiment, at the border.

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It was Nawaz Sharif, who chose Musharraf as the New Army chief of Pakistan in 1998. He got a lot of popularity after becoming the Army chief of Pakistan. Kargil Conflict, overtaking the Govt, Assisting USA in warfare against terrorism, all these acts made him a personality of subject in news.

Later on after 8 years of presidency, he finally resigned and flew abroad, in order to not to face difficulties. Public had a lot of rumors about his act in several controversies related to Bhugti, Aafia Saddique, and Abdul Qadeer Khan. So he thought it safe to live outside Pakistan.

After few months, he came back Pakistan in order to organize his party. But he was not successful in doing so. He was sued in the courts, got House arrested. Finally, due to his higher authority relations, he again escaped and is still abroad, perhaps for his health issue.

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