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Pep Guardiola Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Pep Guardiola Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. Player and coach of Spanish soccer. Ever since joining the FC Barcelona discipline, he has been a prominent figure in the Dream Team who, under the direction of Johan Cruyff, won four consecutive leagues and a European Cup in the early 1990s.

His served as a coach (2008-2012) will be remembered as the best in the history of the club: with hardly any signings, throwing hand of the quarry and with a philosophy based on the possession of the ball and the game to the first touch in the line of Cruyff , Raised a demoralized Barça and made him a showy and sweeping team, capable of both marveling at the beauty of his game and becoming four years in fourteen of the eighteen tournaments he played.

Pep Guardiola net worth

Pep Guardiola | Soccer Player

Net Worth of Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola net worth is 42 million USD. While according to forbes he is getting the salary of 24 million USD.

Full Name Josep "Pep" Guardiola Sala
Net Worth$42 million
Age46 years

Son of Valentí Guardiola, bricklayer, and Dolors Sala, housewife, little Josep received his first football training in the children’s categories of Manresa Nástic. In 1984 it entered the Masía; After passing through all the inferior categories of Futbol Club Barcelona, debuted with the first equipment in season 1990-1991, under the orders of a trainer, Johan Cruyff, that in the following years was going to revolutionize the club. With his technique and vision of the game, the midfielder became one of the key pieces of that Dream Team that, with the help of the Koeman, Stoichkov, Romário, Laudrup, Bakero or Zubizarreta, in a deployment of soccer at the first touch , Quick and effective, dazzled in the first half of the nineties and gave the Barça four consecutive leagues between 1991 and 1994 and the first European Cup, which the team raised on May 20, 1992, in the legendary stadium of Wembley. Read also about Mario Kempes Net Worth.

That same year, in the international arena, Guardiola won the gold medal in the Olympic Games of Barcelona with the Spanish team, with which he would also participate in the 1994 World Cup and Euro 2000. Pep continued in Barça until 2001, Under the baton of Bobby Robson and Louis Van Gaal, a few years in which he increased his record with some notable results, especially in the season 1996-1997, with the Recopa, and in the following two, with two consecutive Liga championships, if Well at this time was several months away from the pitch because of a serious injury. There were 472 games in total with the azulgrana shirt.

In 2001, when he was thirty, Guardiola decided to turn his career around and went to Italy, where he played for Brescia (2001-2002 and part of the following season) and flew briefly to AS Roma (2002- 2003). This affected his net worth a lot. He did not do well in that country because he was charged with doping by nandrolone (November 2001) when he was a member of the Lombard squad and sentenced to seven months’ imprisonment and a fine of 2,000 euros. When the ruling was heard, in May 2005, Guardiola played in Al-Ahili of Qatar. Aware that his whole career was down, the footballer lived in those years a real calvary and focused all his efforts to prove his innocence, which always proclaimed. Finally, in November 2007, the Court of Appeal of Brescia gave the reason and was acquitted. It had been difficult years for an athlete who had finished his career as a player in Mexico’s Dorados de Sinaloa (2005-2006) and who, when he was acquitted, worked in the technical staff of the lower divisions of FC Barcelona.
Pep Guardiola in his stage as a coach

Pep Guardiola trained the boys at Barça B when, at the end of the 2007-2008 season, club president Joan Laporta, with the project of Dutch technician Frank Rijkaard exhausted, called him to take over the first team. It was a surprising signing, given the ex-player’s lack of experience as a coach. Laporta’s bet made rivers run in ink; Although as a footballer and former captain of Barça Guardiola occupied a place in the history of the club, many were the Catalans and the media who were skeptical before this new stage of his life. And more when in the first two games of the League 2008-2009 the team only reaped a point of the possible six (lost with Numancia and tied with Racing Santander).

And then what happened seemed impossible. The machinery azulgrana began to work and soon dazzled to own and strangers. To the good results of the league campaign had to add a spectacular game that did not leave anyone indifferent. Soon the international press echoed that equipment that worked like a gear: precision in the touch, master passes and goals of book. Xavi Hernandez, Andrés Iniesta, Carles Puyol, Leo Messi and each and every one of the players never gave a game for lost, reflecting the strong leadership of the coach and his gifts for motivation. The emergents of the quarry, for which the brand new coach bet without reserve, rose to the top.

The unanimity on the talent of the new Barça was becoming more evident and 2009 was, undoubtedly, the most glorious year of the more than one hundred years of Barça history. And in 2009 FC Barcelona won consecutively the six titles to which it aspired: the King’s Cup, the Spanish League and the Champions League, victories that gave right to compete in the Super Cup of Spain, the Super Cup of Europe and the Club World Cup (formerly Intercontinental Cup), which also ended in the showcases of the club. And his coach became the only one in history to get the six official titles in the same year.

The recognitions did not wait. The International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) named him the best coach in the world of 2009; The press spared no compliments about the revealing coach and the Catalans would forever thank him for his sweetest year. Guardiola was chosen Catalan of the Year and received public tributes, among them the one that dedicated to him his native town; The technician generated more literature than the film stars (Word of Pep, Guardiola Leadership, Listening to Guardiola, the football thinking and vital of the Barça coach in 150 sentences …) and more collective euphoria than anyone. He became an authentic Barcelona guru. Such was his power, so dear, that, at the end of the Laporta era, whose term expired in June 2010, he was forced to make public his word that he would continue training the first team with the president who succeeded him. On June 13, the doubt was revealed: Guardiola would start the 2010-2011 season with President Sandro Rosell.

Meanwhile, in the 2009-2010 season, his players had won their second consecutive league with 99 points, a new record in their history and in the history of the national championship, beating by three points to a rival, Cristiano Real Madrid Ronaldo, who despite his constant efforts could not do anything to stop the Barca machine. They closed the campaign by prevailing in the Spanish Super Cup. In the next, 2010-2011, the team almost repeated the feat of two years earlier: it conquered again the Spanish League and the Champions League, which led him to compete and to win again in the Supercup of Spain, the Supercup of Europe And the Club World Cup. In his last season as coach, 2011-2012, the team could only be made with the Copa del Rey. Despite their excellent performance, the azulgrana ran into the league with a Madrid in full form; And, like the whites, fell in the semifinals of Champions.

Guardiola always wanted to sign annual contracts so he would not be tied if things got bent. In his last season doubts began to circulate about its continuity, fed by the fact that, at a well advanced stage of the competitions, he had not yet renewed his contract; It was also recalled that in statements to an Italian newspaper he had stated that he preferred “short stages” in front of a team. Shortly before the end of the season, Pep Guardiola announced his departure, causing consternation among the Barcelonists, who would have wanted to keep him years and years. The technician adduced as reasons his tiredness and the “to have emptied”; Needed a time of recovery, and did not rule out returning to the club someday, attending to the desire of the Catalans and its president, who assured that he would always have the doors open.

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