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Pau Gasol Net Worth Income Profile Assets and Salary

Pau Gasol Net Worth Income Profile Assets Worth and Salary as of 2019 are provided. Pau Gasol is the emblematic figure of the high level reached in the last years by the Spanish basketball. Pau Gasol is a tall handsome champ from Spain, a great player of midrange and post position. Gasol has an average of 1.7 blocks per game throughout his career. the highlight of Pau Gasol’s career is his 550 double-double record in NBA career.

Pau Gasol net worth

Pau Gasol | Basketball Player

An eminent member of a fifth known as the golden juniors or the children of Lisbon, the 2000-2001 season marked the emergence of his talent: with the F.C. Barcelona was proclaimed champion of the ACB League and the Copa del Rey.

Net Worth of Pau Gasol

The total net worth of Pau Gasol is round about 85 million in USD as of June 2019.

NamePau Gasol
Net Worth65 million USD
ProfessionBasketball Player
Age36 years

Acclaimed as the best player in Spain, in June 2001 made the leap to the United States to play in the NBA, and in the Memphis Grizzlies began his American career. The NBA awarded him the rookie title, which distinguishes the best rookie player of the season; No European had obtained it before him. His 2006 World Cup victory with the Spanish national team and his signing for the Los Angeles Lakers, which he played in 2008 in the NBA Finals, are the most recent milestones in a career that is far from over.

This young man of 2.16 tall has realized his childhood dream of playing among the greats, making himself a place in the elite of world basketball.

Pau Gasol Biography

Pau Gasol Sáez was born in Barcelona on July 6, 1980, although his parents are from Sant Boi de Llobregat. He is the eldest son of ATS technician Agustí Gasol and Dr. Marisa Sáez, who measure 1.96 and 1.86 meters, respectively. Pau measures 2.16 meters (although he has a wingspan of 2.29 meters, thanks to his long arms), weighs 105 kilos and shoes a 50. His brother Marc, born in 1984, measures 2.05 meters and played, in 2001, While the young Adrián, born in 1994, had not yet decided on which sport he would definitely choose, although, in addition to practicing swimming, he also played basketball.

Basketball had played a fundamental role in the fate of the family. The parents met because of this sport. Agustí played at Gaudí, in the neighborhood of the Sagrada Familia, where his parents ran the Gasol winery, which sold wines at wholesale, so Pau is considered a son of this popular neighborhood. The mother played in the Cornellà. All the members of the family are fans of the Spanish RCE of Barcelona and, as the paternal grandfather was CF Martinenc’s manager, Pau tried his luck in rugby and in football, until his spectacular physical development made him definitively choose the sport Of the basket, first in the team of the Sports School Llor and, later, in the Cornellà, the same club in which his mother had played.

Passionate: Born for basketball

Pau Gasol total worth

Pau Gasol | Passionate player

The Cornellà coach, Juanjo Campos, was the first to realize the enormous possibilities of that young and willing will, who, despite his height, started playing base, which would provide an enviable technique, which often lack The high players. Pau has distinguished himself by his speed, to see the play in advance and to be able to raise the ball with the same efficiency as a consummate base of 1.85 meters. When you are in a profession, you love, then it is very easy to increase the net worth. This was the same case with Pau Gasol.

He spent two seasons in the Cornellà, from thirteen to fifteen, age in which he signed for the lower categories of Barca at the request of the azulgrana coach Agustín Cuesta, player of Cotonificio in the seventies and early eighties. He recommended it even though other coaches thought he had no body to succeed in basketball. Already at that time, his peculiar physical constitution earned him the nickname of The Pink Panther. He was also known as Gasofa, by his surname, and as E.T., because his fingers are very long.

Gasol disembarked in Barça in his second season as a junior, with his inseparable friend Juan Carlos Navarro, with whom he was proclaimed European champion of youth teams in 1998 and the following year, Junior World Champion in Lisbon, which constitutes The biggest success in the history of Spanish basketball.

Pau was a very disciplined and applied boy in the studies. His mother wanted him to be a musician. In fact, between the ages of eight and thirteen he studied solfeggio and piano, and even today he sings wonderfully, imitating Pavarotti, when he is among friends.

The day he decided to study medicine, he finally abandoned music. He came home at ten o’clock after a hard workout and was still able to concentrate to study until the wee hours of the morning. However, his move to professionalism prevented him from pursuing these studies. Precisely the abandonment of studies was one of the factors that weighed more in the family, especially in the mother, for whom the intellectual formation is essential “if one wants to have control of the life”, although it is difficult to combine it with the sport of Elite.

Gasol Recent Contract 

Pau Gasol recently signed a fresh contract with Milwaukee Bucks in March 2019. He is expected to retain the contract for another three years through he was unable to play regularly for the franchise till now for his recurring ankle injuries.


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