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Nicolas Sarkozy Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Nicolas Sarkozy Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. French politician, President of the Republic between 2007 and 2012. After his triumph in the polls in May 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy became the first president of the French Republic with Foreign origins: in his case, of a Hungarian father and Greek mother. This 52-year-old Parisian politician, a practicing Catholic and conservative ideologist, who according to Anita Hausser, author of a biography of him, “is hyperactive, ambitious, an inexhaustible worker, a workalcoholic who never rests”, saw an intense culmination A career that had begun in 1975 and which had led him to occupy different positions of responsibility at various levels of administration.

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net worth of Nicolas Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy

His father, Pál Sarkozy Nagybócsay, belonging to the Hungarian nobility, fled during the Soviet occupation in World War II; Then took refuge in Germany for fear of reprisals from the communist government. There he enlisted in the Foreign Legion, shortly thereafter to leave it and settle in Paris. He contracted marriage with Andrée Mallah, coming from a wealthy family and of deep Catholic convictions. Pál was fully integrated into French society, and even changed his name to that of Paul Sarkozy of Nagy-Bocsa. Fruit of the marriage were three children to whom, irrespective of its Hungarian roots, it educated in the catholic faith and in the French traditions.

Nicolas Sarkozy grew up in a mansion in Paris thanks to the financial help of his maternal grandfather; His father separated from his mother, and he and his brothers were placed under the maternal guardianship. His grandfather also conveyed his ideology and admiration for Charles de Gaulle. Sarkozy was a mediocre student; Until 1973 did not obtain the title of bachillerato in economy and society. Although he came from a bourgeois family and raised in affluent neighborhoods, Sarkozy did not study, like many French leaders, in the grandes écoles or in the National School of Administration (ENA), which has formed generations of politicians and civil servants, but in the University of Paris X Nanterre, where he studied law after not being able to enter political science.

In 1974, while attending the first year of his career, he joined the Union of Democrats for the Republic (UDR), a conservative supporter of the ideas of Charles de Gaulle, whose leader was Jacques Chirac. In 1975 he was a delegate for the youth of The Union of Democrats for the Republic. A year later he participated in the founding of a new party, Regrouping for the Republic (RPR), which Jacques Chirac created to replace the UDR.

During 1977, being still student of right, was chosen councilman of Neuville sur Seine. Sarkozy began to become a potential politician and soon attracted the attention of Jacques Chirac, who at that time was mayor of Paris. It also aroused the interest of Charles Pasqua, thanks to which he entered the Central Committee of Regrouping by the Republic and was appointed secretary of the party in Neuville Puteaux. In 1978 he finished his studies of Law, he was military service and was appointed delegate of the Youth of the RPR.

Net Worth of Nicolas Sarkozy

The Net Worth of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2017 is $15 Million.

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Full Name Nicolas Sarkozy
Net Worth$15 Million
Annual Income$3 Million

In 1981 he completed his academic training with a diploma of advanced studies in political science at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris. He also received a certificate to practice as a lawyer, thanks to which he worked in a law firm in Paris. In 1983 he was elected mayor of Neuville sur Seine. The position allowed her access to the Regional Council of Île de France. In 1985 he became General Counsel of Neuville sur Seine Nord.

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