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Nicolas Cage Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Nicolas Cage Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. American film actor. Nephew of director Francis Ford Coppola, left high school to be an actor. He graduated from the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, during which he performed in plays like Golden Boy.

The following year entered the world of the cinema (appearing then in the credits like Nicolas Coppola), and soon it consolidated like one of the most outstanding talents. He made his debut in That Exciting Course (1982), and the following year, he appeared in The Law of the Street (1983) by Francis Ford Coppola, an appearance that earned him criticism. With Coppola would also roll the comedy Peggy Sue married (1986) and the controversial Cotton Club (1984). Norman Jewison gave him the male role of Moon Spell (1987), with Cher as a female opponent. In 1990 he filmed one of the most discussed films of the last years, Heart wild, of the director David Lynch, a Baroque film, in which they mix the sensuality, the religion, the death and the world of the children’s stories.

Cage knows how to take advantage of a stocky physique and an ordinary face. Gifted with a great capacity to change records, his interpretive style is not exempt from certain hysteria very to use among some “cult” actors. Examples of the above are his interventions in Arizona baby (1987), under the direction of Joel Coen; Or the little-known Zandalee, on the edge of desire (1991), directed by Sam Pillsbury. A passionate interpreter, it is said that he purposely wounded his arm to prepare his character of Goodbye to Innocence, ripped two teeth for Birdy and swallowed a live cockroach for Vampire Kisses.

Net Worth of Nicolas Cage

The Net Worth of Nicolas Cage in 2017 is $100 Million.

In 1995 his career underwent a considerable boost when he won the Oscar for his portrayal of an alcoholic and suicidal screenwriter in Mike Figgis’ film Leaving Las Vegas, which was replicated by Elisabeth Sue. Since then, Cage has revealed himself as a very versatile actor, able to fill the courtyards with action films such as The Rock (1996) or Face to Face (1997) and thus becoming one of the most brilliant stars of Hollywood. Among his most recent titles are Snake Eyes (1998), Murder in 8 mm (1999), Sixty Seconds (2000), Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (2001) and The Orchid Thief (2002).

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