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Nawaz Sharif Net Worth Income Profile Assets and Salary

PM Nawaz Sharif net worth complete assets detail Income Profile and Salary. How much he is earning and annual wealth report. Nawaz Sharif, some say him ‘The Lion Of Punjab’ other consider him ‘typical corrupt mafia’ but one has to admit that his followers are haters both are in tens of millions; he is known for his robust political career in Pakistan is among the wealthiest figures in Pakistan. He is the serving prime minister of Pakistan; his party won elections in May 2013.

Nawaz Sharif is regarded as the most influential politician in Pakistan right now, his party ‘Pakistan Muslim League-N’ is the largest party regarding seats. Nawaz Sharif started his political career in the 1970s; he became finance minister in 1980; his political God Father Admiral General Zia-ul-Haq took government by successful military coup. Sharif became chief minister of Punjab in 1985, his party; PML won with an overwhelming majority in Punjab. After the dismissal of assemblies, Nawaz again became CM Punjab in 1988, a stamp to his popularity and strong political roots in Punjab. Nawaz Sharif net worth in 2010 was estimated $3.3 Billion; his businesses have roots in Pakistan, the Middle East especially Gulf & Saudi Arabia, UK, and India.

His brother Mian Shahbaz Sharif is current Chief Minister of Punjab. He has two siblings; Begum Kalsoom Nawaz is the wife of Nawaz Sharif and first lady of Pakistan. Nawaz has four children named Hassan Nawaz Sharif, Hussain Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz Sharif, and Asma Nawaz Sharif. His father, Mian Muhammad Sharif was a renowned businessman of Lahore and Amritsar before partition.

Fact: If all assets added including the assets possessed by Nawaz’s Siblings, children; Nawaz Family is the richest family in Pakistan.

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Net Worth Of Nawaz Sharif:

nawaz sharif prime minister net worth

a palace of sharif family in Raiwand, Punjab

Full NameMian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
Net Worth$1.4 billion
Annual Income$13 Million
Yearly Salary(as a PM)210,000 Pakistani Rupee
Jati Umrah Palace Worth$4 Million (5000 acres)
Income Per Month$1 Million
Net Worth in Pakistani Rupee140,000,000,000 Pkr

Net Worth of PM of Nawaz Sharif is 1.5 Billion dollars. Nawaz is the 4th richest man in Pakistan and probably the most influential person in politics and business. Nawaz Sharif net total worth and income stats, his salary per month as a Prime Minister Of Pakistan and his house and real estate are given here in this editorial. Nawaz is so rich and powerful in Punjab that it is rumored that not even a single clerk appointment is made without the approval of Sharif Family and its supporters. His luxury houses, cars, expensive Rolex, and lavish livelihood are popular in the whole world.

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Political Career of Nawaz Sharif:

After five years in 1990, Sharif won General Elections and became Prime Minister for the first time, 1993 was the year Ghulam Ishaq Khan dismissed him on corruption charges; it came back what he did to Benazir Regime before 1990. In the second tenure from 1997-99, Sharif’s era was prodigious for Pakistan, the economy flourished in those two years. Pakistan became Nuclear Power in 1999, Motorways, industries, and foreign investments were at the peak until Kargil skirmishes turned into a full-fledged war, General Musharraf threw Nawaz Sharif’s Government and took place in office as the martial law administrator, later president and army chief. Sharif and Benazir, both faced exile for a lifetime.

Interesting Fact: Nawaz played his only first-class match against PIA, he was out on zero in his only first-class match.

nawaz sharif net worth

Nawaz meeting COAS Parvez Musharraf in his second tenure

Scandals Involving Nawaz Sharif:

nawaz sharif family group of industries worth

Nawaz sharif government is again in trouble after Panama leaks

Nawaz Sharif, similar to his political opponents Asif Ali Zardari at times was alleged of national theft and corruption charges. The latest Panama Leaks resulted in massive political turmoil; opposition parties demanded his dismissal from PM office as he is unfit to run the government according to article 62 and 63. Former Cricketer of Pakistan Cricket and chairperson of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf alleged Nawaz of corruption and illegal use of government machinery to favor his family and business.

Interesting fact: Nawaz Sharif was shy and quiet in his classroom since his school days. Nawaz and his foremost political rival and former test and ODI captain of Pakistan, Imran Khan played many club cricket matches together.

Assets linking Sharif Family:

nawaz sharif wealth

Ramzan sugar mills in chiniot

Nawaz came back to Pakistan in 2007, made his government in Punjab and served as opposition in National Assembly. In 2013 elections, Nawaz Shareef’s PML-N won 188 out of 342, more than two third majority making his government in the center, Punjab, and Balochistan. Nawaz Sharif owns several businesses; Ittefaq Group(Sharif Group of Companies) is the largest source of income for Sharif Family. He owns sugar mills, textile mills, stock shares, Ramzan Sugar Mills, Sharif Agri Farm, Sharif Poultry Farms, Sharif Dairy Farm, Sharif Feed Mills, Ramzan Sugarcane Development Farm, Ramzan Transport,  and Hamza board limited.

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