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Most Expensive Team of IPL – Most Valuable Franchise

Most Expensive TeamMost Expensive Team of IPL and the Most Valuable Franchise. Indian premier league the most earning and most profitable leagues of the world. As more years, are passing, the tournament and the earning ratio is getting bigger and better. More and more people are getting involved in this tournament to earn their part of money.

Most Expensive Team

The first edition of Indian premier league saw the purchase of 8 teams. Each one of them being bought by the richest and names, celebrities and businessmen of India.

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The only expense of the franchise team is the initial investment that has been invested to buy the franchise team.

Most Valuable Franchise 

In order of expense, of the purchase amount, the teams can be categorized as followed.

Mumbai Indians: The most expensive  team, for spending the most amount, that is 111 million, for its purchase. The team is owned by big conglomerate Reliance Industries. The team is also an expensive team because of the cost of its main player, sachin tendulkar, the star if indian team

Rcb : The group chairman Vijay malia purchased the team at a price of 111.98 million. And can said to be one of the most expensive team of the Tournament. Also players like Virat kohli are payed hefty amounts, to add to the cost of the team

Chennai super kings: The owner paid 90 million for its ownership rights, which makes it one of the expensive teams however, the revenues earned by the team, and being the winner of the title once, compensated the cost incurred.

KKR is jointly owned by bollywood king Shahrukh khan , and jay mehta. Who are also the owner of red chillies entertainment and mehta group respectively. The owners bought the team at a hefty amount of 75 million. The glam factor is the highest in this team, which adds up to its cost and expense. However being the winner of the title once also increased its brand value.

As mentioned earlier the only expense of these teams, is their purchase amount, later its all the game of lucrative profits, for them and their players. Broadcasters and sponsors money, ticket price and dedicated sponsors all earn them an attractive amount of revenue.

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Updated: April 15, 2017 — 3:10 pm

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