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Montgomery Clift Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Montgomery Clift Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. American film actor who spent part of his childhood traveling through Europe with his family, in France and Germany. At the age of eight he had to overcome an operation that left a scar on his neck. He began acting at the age of fourteen; His first paper was in the Berkshire theater of Stockbridge (Massachussets), in the work Fly Away Home. From there he moved to Broadway, where he would be a year with Jubilee, a musical by Cole Porter in which he played as a prince. Then came more works like Obedient Husband or Eye on the Sparrow, until his role in Dame Nature was highly praised by critics.

After meeting the composer Lehman Engel, during a trip through Mexico he contracted dysentery, which meant a parenthesis in his career. He continued his career in the theater performing works of Thornton Wilder, Lillian Hellman, Tennessee Williams and Anton Chekhov among others, until in the late forties began to intervene in his first films.

In 1948 he filmed Lost Angels, with Fred Zinnemann, and Red River, directed by Howard Hawks and with a huge John Wayne as protagonist. There was doubt that the boy could bear the devastating personality of Wayne, but John himself recognized the quality of Clift and confirmed the hopes that had placed in him Hawks. He then starred in important films such as George Stevens’s 1951, I confess (1953), and Terminus Station (1953), by Vittorio de Sica.

In 1957 he suffered a serious traffic accident that left deep marks on his face, a circumstance that will make his character become even more introverted and withdraw from the cinema for several years. When he returned he was a man transformed: the quality of his interpretations and, above all, the selection of titles had suffered enough. It is worth mentioning his collaboration with Elia Kazan in Río salvaje (1960); Or their role in Winners or Losers? (1961) by Stanley Kramer. The same year he filmed the emphatic and twilight Rebel Lives with John Huston. His last speech was in a discreet film, The Deserter (1966), by Raoul J. Levy, after having been inactive for four years for health reasons.

Net Worth of Montgomery Clift 

The Net Worth of Montgomery Clift in 2017 is100 Million.

Intelligent and sensitive, in the few films in which he appeared he was admired for his interpretations of introverted and problematic people, roles to which he endowed with a singular psychological dimension. After the auto accident of 1957, it was rumored that it drank too much, consumed drugs and behaved strangely in the sets and outside of them. The accident left scars on his face and hurt his good looks, but it gave his cinematic presence an additional pathos. Today he tends to be remembered as one of the great intellectual actors in Hollywood.

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