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Michael Schumacher Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Michael Schumacher Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. German Formula One driver, the most laureate in the history of the specialty: with his seven world titles he surpassed the five of the mythical Fangio and happened to be considered the best driver of all time. In 1994, he won his first world title with the Benetton team, becoming the youngest champion in the premier class of motorsport at the age of twenty-six, sixteen days less than the Brazilian Emerson Fittipaldi. It repeated the triumph in 1995 and, after passing to Ferrari, proclaimed world champion in five consecutive seasons (2000-2004).

Son of the owner of a karting track, at four years his father gave him a pedal car and, shortly afterwards, a small and old engine fitted him. Michael Schumacher practiced with that artifact for a while, until his father gave him a real kart, with which at fifteen he was proclaimed junior champion of Germany. He then won many other competitions in this category, such as the German and European Senior Championships in 1987.

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net worth of Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher

In 1988, with a car, was champion of the German Formula Koning. The successes (won 10 of 11 races) removed him from the classrooms, and was employed in the mechanic shop of the Volkswagen dealer of his hometown. That same year it competed in Formula Ford 1600, obtaining the second position in the Championship of Europe and the sixth in the one of the World.

In 1989 it ascended to the Formula 3, championship in which only it was surpassed by its compatriot Karl Wendlinger. Those good results served as a letter of introduction to enter the Junior Team of Mercedes, a team he represented at the World Championship of Sport Prototypes in 1990, partnering precisely with Wendlinger, who won in victories.

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In 1991 he debuted in Formula 1, in the Belgian Grand Prix, with the permission of Mercedes. He only disputed that race with the Irish team, because the director of the still brand new team Benetton, Flavio Briatore, with whom he would form an exceptional pair, fichó for the Italian team, where had to deal with the three Brazilian champion, Nelson Piquet. The German overtook the Brazilian in some training, but the lack of experience took its toll on some races, getting only four points in six Grand Prix. Even so, Briatore said without hesitation: “This is what I was looking for, a young, very young ambitious pilot. He will be champion.

Luciano Benetton had taken over the automobile team in 1989. Some believed it was only a fad of the fashion entrepreneur, but in five years his car clouded the magic of classic cars: McLaren, Williams or Ferrari. The secret, about fifty million euros annual budget and two hundred employees working at high tech pace in the British city of Enstone, near Oxford. Among the coaches were Tom Walkinshaw, the former director of Jaguar, and the team’s manager, the Spaniard Joan Villadelprat.

The landing of Schumacher in Benetton thwarted the plans of Mercedes, who aspired for a triumphant return to the circuit. The mark of the star wanted to form German pilots. To this end he had developed a meticulous work plan to select the most gifted and train them in all aspects. And Schumacher should not have wasted his time while he was there, as these words of gratitude reflect: “I would love to be your first driver one day. As a German, if I were free, I would be very happy to join them to work on a serious project with guarantees of success. ”

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net worth of Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher

In 1992, when obtaining its first victory in the Belgian circuit of Spa Francorchamps, where it had debuted a year before, already profiled like the probable champion of the future. He was twenty-three years old; Before him, only Jacky Icks and Bruce McLaren had achieved such a precocious success. He finished third in the overall standings with fifty-two points, having climbed to the podium seven times. However, the following year still did not confirm the expectations, and finished in fourth position of the general, with a victory in the Great Prize of Portugal.

 Net Worth of Michael Schumacher 

The Net Worth of Michael Schumacher in 2017 is $900 Million.

Full NameMichael Schumacher
Net Worth$900 Million
ProfessionRetired Racing Driver
Annual Income$100 Million

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At the start of the 1994 championship, Schumacher was considered the only opponent capable of beating Ayrton Senna, an appreciation that he confirmed by winning the first two races in São Paulo and TI Aida. The German managed to distance himself twenty points from the Brazilian, but the great duel that, according to all indications, both were going to settle until the last race happened to history at 14.17 hours of that fateful May 1, when Senna, who commanded the Grand Prix of San Marino, crashed against a wall just take the curve of Tamburello. World motorsport lost its most charismatic idol, and Schumacher, almost at the same time, went from aspiring heir.

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