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Michael Johnson Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Michael Johnson Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. (Dallas, 1967) American athlete considered one of the best sprinter in the history of athletics. He was the first sprinter to obtain the gold simultaneously in the 200 and 400 straight meters, milestone reached in the World-wide championships of Goteborg, in 1995. Among other extraordinary records, Michael Johnson became the only one that in more than twenty occasions had Achieved times less than 20 seconds in the 200 meters and below the 44 seconds in the 400 meters; For nine years he did not lose a single race of 400 meters.

His sports beginnings were not very fortunate, as he suffered several injuries that prevented him from taking part in the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988. Two years later he graduated from Baylor University and, having recovered from his injuries, began running the tests Of 200 and 400 meters, making times unreachable for the other runners. He was then ready to win the gold at the Barcelona Olympics, but new health problems prevented him from winning the individual victory, although he won first place alongside the relay team.

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net worth of Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson at the Atlanta Olympics

It had to wait until 1996, year of the Olympic Games of Atlanta, to take the revenge with two Olympic golds and traces recordings, Olympic in 400 and world in 200 meters. With the latter, the American put an end to the hegemony of Pietro Mennea, who had established in Mexico a mark (19 seconds and 72 hundredths) that lasted for seventeen years. Johnson cut it to 19 seconds and 32 hundredths.

For this feat to be possible, the organizers of the event had to modify the program of tests, since the initially approved did not leave enough time of recovery between one race and another. It was not the first time this happened. A year earlier a similar process was carried out to get the two gold medals at the Goteborg World Championships. In 1991, however, the American athlete did not have these privileges and could not try the double in Tokyo.

At the 1999 World Championships held in Seville, Michael Johnson returned to reign in those events in which he appeared, reserving that year only at a distance of 400 meters, given the physical and mental inability to compete in all tests Qualifiers of 200 meters in full performance. Johnson was awarded two gold medals, the 400-meter smooth and the 4 X 400 relay, and broke the world record of 400 meters (not surpassed since 1988) after running that distance in just 43 seconds and 18 hundredths.

Net Worth of Michael Johnson 

The Net Worth of Michael Johnson in 2017 is $8 Million.

Full NameDaley Thompson
Net Worth$5 Million
ProfessionOlympic Athlete
Annual Income$0.5 Million

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In addition to the three Olympic golds mentioned above (the one achieved in Barcelona 92 in 4×100 relays, and the two in Atlanta 96, in 200 and 400 meters), seven other gold medals in World Championships (two in Stuttgart 93 , Two in Goteborg 95, one in Athens 97 and two in Seville 99). He also exceeded the mark of eighty consecutive races, always in his specialties (200 and 400 meters) and always undefeated.

He attended Sidney 2000 with 33 years and made it clear that he still reigned in the 400 meters, where he got the gold by double, individual and in the 4×400 relays. A year later he announced that after participating in some athletic meetings, he would retire from the professional circuit at the end of the season. It disputed its last race the 7 of September of 2001 in the Games of the Friendship celebrated in Brisbane (Australia), where it obtained a new triumph with its equipment in the relief 4×400.

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