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Michael Buffer Net Worth Income profile and Salary

Michael Buffer Net Worth Income profile and Salary. Almost every professional boxer and pro boxing fans are familiar with the voice of this famous ring announcer, as the Michael Buffer is active as a ring announcer for boxing as well as wrestling and as a TV actor since 1982. He was born on November 2, 1944. He is famous for his unique announcement style and a few sentences that he often uses, like “Let’s get ready to rumble”.

Michael Buffer worth

Michael Buffer | Boxer

His half-brother Bruce Buffer is also a famous UFC announcer. Michael Buffer was the top rank announcer of ESPN in 1993, and he used to announce all the challenges held by Bob Arum.

Buffer was the private ring announcer for all fights held by Donald Trump-owned casinos, in the 80’s. He is also a former WCW announcer, and he also appeared in WWE so many times. Once for mocking Buffer, the WWE superstar Triple-H developed the phrase, “ Let’s get ready to suck it!”. He also appeared in WWE with Hulk Hogan so many times.

Michael Buffer also worked as a ring announcer in top action movies like Creed (2015), Grudge Match (2013), Against the Ropes, Game Over (2003) ClayFighter and many other.

Net Worth of Michael Buffer

Michael net worth

Michael Buffer | Announcer

Net Worth$400 Million
Earning Per Fight $5 million estimated
Salary for Commentary $5 million

Michael Buffer net worth is over $400 million. As he had several jobs in his career that involve Michael as an official announcer for UFC, TV actor, television shows, film industry, Announcer for other sports events like NFL playoff games, NBA championships, etc.. At a stage of life, he was also a car salesman, the announcer in professional wrestling matches and events. Michael is thought to earn $2.5 – $5 million per special event.

He had tried many catch phrases before he settled on his traditional “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble,”

  • ‘Man your battle stations, because we’re going to war.’
  • ‘Batten down the hatches.’
  • ‘Fasten your seatbelts.’

He uses his skills to create a higher level of excitement. Along with his skills, positive attitude and excellence of body language he also has got an exclusive license that makes him the best international announcer and more valuable.

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