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Marion Cotillard Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Marion Cotillard Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. French actress, winner of the 2008 Hollywood Oscar for her performance of Edith Piaf in La vida en rosa. Considered the “new French bride of America”, it seems destined to embody the same public role that once her illustrious compatriots Simone Signoret and Brigitte Bardot represented.

His father, Jean-Claude Cotillard, was an actor and filmmaker, and her mother, NiseemaTheillaud, was also an actress and drama teacher. Two years after Marion were born her brothers, the twins Guillaume and Quentin. It is not surprising that the passion for interpretation came from her earliest childhood, especially considering that still a child participated in various productions in which her parents worked. The actress would declare, in her adulthood, that Niseema was her first artistic influence.

Marion Cotillard net worth

Marion Cotillard

At only nineteen years old and with the only experience of some television shows, the young gray-eyed actress was awarded the first prize of dramatic art at the Orléans Conservatory. That same year she filmed her first film, L’histoire du garçon qui voulaitqu’onl’embrasse. At that time it was not strange to see her present with enormous will to dozens of castings, convinced that she had to turn in every step that would lead her to be a successful actress. Audrey Dana, companion of profession and studies, remembers her as a young woman extremely ambitious and certain of its possibilities.

That comedy happened to him in 1996 the comedy Comment je me suisdispué … (ma vie sexuelle) and Planet free. They were not international successes, but they served to him that Gérard Pirès noticed in her and it called to roll Taxi (1998). Thanks to this film was nominated in 1999 to Caesar to the best actress revelation. To get an idea of the inflection that Taxi supposed in Cotillard’s career, it is enough to make a point: between 1998 and 2001 she participated in no less than 14 different productions between cinema and television. The fact that the film was produced by Luc Besson, the most international French director and producer of the time, certainly helped to boost Marion’s career. In fact, the film would have two sequels (Taxi 2, in 2000, and Taxi 3, in 2003), in which the actress would also participate.

In 2001 she appeared in the film Les jolies choses, a work that would be useful in the long term, since she had to receive accelerated singing lessons to learn in just over a month. In 2003 she got her first opportunity to work on a US production. It was Big Fish, Tim Burton’s film starring Albert Finney in which she gave life to Josephine, a French girl. Although she did not receive any awards for this role, it served him in an industry that, a priori, did not seduce him too much (“I am much more interested in directors than Hollywood”, she said).

Although she continued working regularly for the cinema, she did not abandon the teleseries, an activity that she would maintain until 2005 and that alternated with films like Innocence (2004), Fair Play (2005) or Unbuenaño (2006). But undoubtedly the most popular film would be La vida en rosa, a biopic of Edith Piaf directed in 2007 by Olivier Dahan, a director without undue international exposure, known for the sequel to The Purple Rivers. Dahan said that during the casting she decided on the Parisian because her eyes reminded him “totally” of those of the ill-fated French singer.

Net Worth of Marion Cotillard

The Net Worth of Marion Cotillard in 2017 is $40 Million.

Curiously, although Cotillard claimed to have known most of the events in Piaf’s life the first time she read the script, the truth is that she mimicked the character in an absolute way. Initially she analyzed the inflections of Edith Piaf in several of the films that she filmed and in much of the interviews filmed. Later, during the filming, she made sure to feel every day on the tightrope, since a personality as strong as that of Piaf tempted to exaggerate the interpretation. However, the role took full control of the Parisian and the result was a clamorous success of public and critic, initially in festivals (Cannes, actress revelation, Cabourg, best actress, Palm Springs, best performance, Vancouver, best actress) and Then in the commercial rooms. To this must be added a Satellite Award, a César, an EFA, the Golden Globe of the United States criticism, a BAFTA, a ovation of 15 minutes in Berlin … and the Oscar for the best leading actress.

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