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Mariano Rajoy Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Mariano Rajoy Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. Spanish politician, leader of the Popular Party and president of the government of Spain since December 2011.Mariano Rajoy spent his childhood and adolescence in Galician and Leon lands. He received his first teaching in the School of Disciples of Jesus of Leon; He then went to the Sacred Heart College of the Jesuits of the capital of Leon, where he began to study high school, which ended in a public institute in Pontevedra. Good student, meticulous and with good humor, had no problem to overcome all the courses until he decided to study law at the university of his hometown. It graduated in 1977, and the following year it approved with the number ten of its promotion the oppositions of recorder of the property, since exerted in the locality Leon of Villafranca of the Bierzo the following two years.

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net worth of Mariano Rajoy

Mariano Rajoy

He began his political career in 1981, the year in which he was elected deputy by the Popular Alliance (AP) in the first regional elections, held on October 20. In 1983 was chosen councilman of the City council of Pontevedra, and 11 of June of 1986 was designated president of the Delegation of Pontevedra.

In the general elections of 1986 was chosen national deputy by the list of Pontevedra, although resigned its seat in the Cortes Generales to occupy the vice-presidency of the Xunta de Galicia, position in which it was maintained until September of 1987. By the circumscription of Pontevedra has been successively re-elected in all the general elections held since then.

Although it came from the old Popular Alliance (AP), its open and pragmatic mood allowed it to evolve without any difficulty when the Partido Popular (PP) decided to start the long “trip to the center” of the Spanish political spectrum, which he himself contributed to design .

At the 9th Congress of the Partido Popular (PP), held in January 1989, he was elected to the National Executive of the party, and at the next congress (June 1990), he was appointed deputy secretary-general of the organization, at the request of the leader Of the party, Jose Maria Aznar, which was a surprise for the leaders considered as “heavyweights” within the organization. Rajoy replaced Arturo Moreno, who dropped the party because of his alleged involvement in the “Naseiro case”, related to irregular financing of the PP.

Net Worth of Mariano Rajoy 

The Net Worth of Mariano Rajoy in 2017 is $100 Million.

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Full Name Mariano Rajoy
Net Worth $100 Million
Nationality Spanish
Annual Income$15 Million

In 1992 it was a fundamental piece in the PP’s gear to become the popular leader that carried the weight of the dialogue that resulted in the signing of the autonomic pacts between the government of Felipe González and the then leader of the opposition, Jose Maria Aznar . It was the only document signed by both leaders, which meant that at that time “number three” of the PP won the respect of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) as a skilled and astute political negotiator.

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