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Maria Sharapova Net Worth Income Profile Salary

Maria Sharapova Net Worth Income Profile Salary. (Maria Yurievna Sharapova, Nyagan, 1987) Russian tennis player, one of the champions with more glamor and cache of the international circuit. Maria Sharapova was born in a small village of Siberian Russia, into a humble family. Their parents, Yuri and Yelena, construction worker and secretary, respectively, were originally from Belarus, but in 1986 moved from Gomel to Nyagan, to avoid that the accident of Chornobil affected the pregnancy of Yelena.

In 1990 the Sharapova family settled in the resort of Sochi, in the Black Sea, where one day the little one coincided with the Russian champion of the nineties Yevgueni Kafelnikov, who gave him a racket.

He started playing with his father and with girls who doubled his age, until in 1993, at a children’s tournament in Moscow, was observed by Martina Navratilova, who recommended to parents to bet everything for her.

Maria Sharapova Net Worth

Maria Sharapova

With some fear but encouraged by the conviction of the best tennis player in history, Yuri, with $ 700 saved, went with his daughter to Bradenton, in the US state of Florida, where Maria entered the boarding school of the prestigious Coach Nick Bolletieri, who had forged the best champions and champions of the last decade. The school, belonging to the huge IMG company, dedicated to the management of athletes, was very expensive, so the father had to pluriemplearse to return the money owed to the company. Maria Sharapova Net Worth has increased in the recent years.

In 1996, Maria counted on the company of its mother, who had taken two years to obtain the visa to move to the United States. From that moment she personally educated his daughter, who had never been to school. Afterwards, she would become the manager of her winnings, while her husband would devote himself to his career as a tennis player.

The father, in fact, remained in the shade and never granted interviews because some media accused him of putting pressure on his daughter.

In this respect, in the only interview conducted by journalists in Manhattan, where Maria celebrated her success at the United States Open, she dispatched herself and concluded: “People think I’m a monster, I’m behind her pressing and thinking Only in money. But the truth is, I do not know how your finances go. ”

Both father and daughter were in a hurry to earn money and wipe out debts, so in 2001, fourteen-year-old Maria participated in the junior circuit, where she only lost three games, won 25 and won three titles: Sacramento, Hilton and Heady Pilsen in the Czech Republic.

In 2002, even as a junior, Maria Sharapova had 26 wins, three losses and as many titles as Vancouver, Peachtree and Gunma (Japan). That year she was allowed to play some game as an absolute professional and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) placed her at number 186 of the ranking, but she had already signed succulent contracts with several firms, not just sports. At that age she equaled Kournikova as a sexier tennis player, because, even as a teenager, she was already an older girl because of her constitution (1.86 m and 58 kg). On September 29, 2003 she won his first tournament as an absolute professional in Tokyo. The following month, on October 27, was won the Quebec, which aupó in just a few months to the number 30 in the ranking.

On June 21, 2004, she gave the first surprise, with just over seventeen years old, she became the second youngest player to win at Wimbledon, after precocious Martina Hingis, who won it in 1997 at the age of sixteen. Also, she was the first Russian to win in this grand slam tournament. The big sponsors were already behind her, as the globalized world was orphaned by a female icon. They would have signed with her even without winning the final against the then undisputed Serena Williams.

The mother took advantage of the breeding ground and her daughter became the highest-earning tennis player through contracts with Nike sportswear, Speedminton rackets, Parlux perfumes (afterwards a personal perfume), Motorola phones, TAG Heuer watches, Honda vehicles, Colgate-Palmolive products, Prince racquets … and catwalks or photo shoots for the press. Everyone in the political and business world wanted to take a picture with her, not just the fans.

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova

That 2004 season she won four more tournaments: Birmingham (June 7); Seoul (September 27); Tokyo (October 4) and finished the year with a lavish win at the WTA Championship in Los Angeles, against Serena Williams. His projection was undeniable, but in 2005 she suffered a slowdown, perhaps due to his conformism or his advertising commitments. Still, it won three titles: Tokyo against former number one Lindsay Davenport (February 6); Doha in Qatar (21 of the same month) and Birmingham in front of the emerging Yelena Jankovic (6 of June).

In 2006 it was two years since a grand slam title was resisted, because she faced tennis players in the sweetest moment of his career. She did not want to become a clone of Kournikova, even though she had never won a title. That comparison terrified her. Some media still did not tire of reiterating it, although on March 10 it won the Indian Wells final against the notable Yelena Dementieva and on June 31 to the number one of the moment, the Belgian Kim Clijsters, in the tournament of San Diego.

Finally, at nineteen, on September 10, 2006, she reached the final of the United States Open. She jumped onto the court wearing a black Nike dress but inspired by actress Audrey Hepburn and with all her accessories in the right place. In front of her, the Belgian Justine Henin-Hardenne, who if won was at the top of the ranking. But Maria, who in recent weeks had defeated the two players who preceded her in the ranking with Henin (Clijsters and the French Amélie Mauresmo), got rid of his opponent by a forceful 6-4, 6-4. She embraced his father and then the young man who accompanied him, Michael Joyce, with whom she trains daily. With this triumph was placed like the third of the world and became the second Russian, after Svetlana Kuznetsova in 2004, that was crowned in the track Arthur Ashe.

Tennis players have consistently vowed to charge identical tournament fees as men who compete in the ATP circuit, but have failed to do so. However, since the Russian Anna Kournikova broke in, the graceful and slender tennis players found a heap of publicity activities or catwalks, which brought them higher incomes than the prizes for their success in the tournaments. Kournikova made himself known at the age of sixteen. She pointed out very good manners, but immediately he was absorbed by the tide of money earned by sports brands, exclusive interviews or his stormy sentimental life.

Her compatriot Maria Sharapova had the same attraction, but unlike her compatriot, she did not forget to train hard and win titles. She was the only one, for the moment, who could boast of earning more income than most male tennis players. Its appeal for trademarks and the media had grown in line with its professional successes. Winning at Wimbledon, in 1994, global brands offered blank checks. At that time the exact figures were ignored, but in 2006 the prestigious magazine Sports Illustrated published a list of the richest athletes. In tennis, Sharapova ranked first with an annual income of almost 20 million euros, which was more than two million by then undisputed world number one male, Swiss Roger Federer.

Net Worth of Maria Sharapova

The Net Worth of Maria Sharapova in 2017 is $38 Million.

Full Name Maria Sharapova

Net Worth $38 Million
ProfessionTennis Player
Annual Income$6 Million

Moreover, the Russian tennis player ranked fourth in non-US athletes of different disciplines, ahead of even two media players or “galactic” players like David Beckham or Ronaldo. In this section “European” only exceeded, in this order, the German Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher, Italian motorcycle rider Valentino Rossi and Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho. And if we include the big stars of golf, baseball or American football, Sharapova was ranked thirteenth.

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