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Luis Tosar Net Worth Income Profile and Salary

Luis Tosar Net Worth Income Profile and Salary. (Luis López Tosar, Xustás, Lugo, 1971) Spanish actor, one of the most solid and solvent interpreters of the national cinematographic scene. His dramatic genre skills have shone in numerous critically acclaimed films and the public, including the three for which his performance earned the Goya Award: Mondays in the Sun (2002), Te doy mis ojos (2003) and Cell 211 (2009).

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Luis Tosar total worth

Luis Tosar

Born in the town of Lugo de Xustás, in the municipality of Cospeito, Luis Tosar spent his childhood in Castro Ribeira de Lea, a parish belonging to the Council of Castro de Rei. In the middle of the eighties the family settled in Lugo, where Luis studied higher in the Institute of Nosa Señora dos Ollos Grandes. It was there, precisely, in the theater workshop taught by his teacher of literature, where he discovered that he wanted to be an actor. At the end of high school he enrolled in the Faculty of History, but soon, aware that what he was really interested in was the interpretation, he decided to move to Santiago de Compostela, where an independent theater was being forged that would eventually germinate in the first generation Of actors and actresses of the series of the autonomic television, TVG.

The opportunity came with the television series Mareas vivas (1998-2002), in which he portrayed a justice of the peace from an imaginary village, Portozás. The series became one of the great successes of the chain’s history and made it known throughout Galicia. While participating in Live Tides, Tosar began his cinematographic journey with Atilano, president (1998, La Cuadrilla). They were followed by Vicente Aranda’s Celos (1999) and Flores de otro mundo (1999), by Icíar Bollaín, for whose role, the first really important, was nominated for a Goya for the first time. Although he did not win, his face began to be known among Spanish moviegoers.

In the following years Tosar participated in diverse shorts and chained secondary papers in several films, like Leo (2000), of Jose Luis Borau. However, the interpretation that would make it known among the general public was that of José, the companion of Santa (Javier Bardem) in the Mondays to the sun (2002), third largometraje of a young director, Fernando Leon de Aranoa. On Mondays to the Sun he won five Goya awards in the 2003 edition, including best film, director and actor. And Tosar did not leave empty, because this time, in which it was his second nomination, took the Goya to the best actor of distribution. Multi-award-winning film (won the Golden Shell in San Sebastián, the Silver Fotogramas, Ondas for the best film and five awards of the Union of Actors, among other awards) and highly praised by critics, was also a box office success, With a collection of almost ten million euros. By now, nobody knew who Luis Tosar was.

But the acknowledgments had only just begun. After his roles in films such as Trece campanadas (2002), a film by Xavier Villaverde, and El lápiz del carpenter (2003) by Antón Reixa, based on Manuel Rivas’ novel of the same name, Tosar lived another decisive moment in his career with Interpretation of an abusive husband in I give you my eyes (2003), again to the orders of Icíar Bollaín. I give you my eyes got seven figurines in the eighteenth edition of the Goya awards, including the best film and best direction. Its protagonists, Luis Tosar and Laia Marull, took the awards to the best actor and the best actress. In addition, both Marull and Tosar were awarded the Silver Shell at the San Sebastian International Film Festival.

From that moment Luis Tosar became one of the essential faces of Spanish cinema. Manuel Martín Cuenca appealed to him to lead the weakness of the Bolshevik (2003); Was Rai in La vida que espera (2004) by Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón and Cholo in the comedy by Max Lemcke Casual Day (2007). He also starred in Hollywood in a film version of Corruption in Miami (2006) directed by Michael Mann.

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Luis Tosar net worth

Luis Tosar

But of all the roles he played in these years, which were many more, was undoubtedly that of Malamadre, in the prison drama Celda 211 (2009), which would mark a milestone in his career. In Cell 211, directed by Daniel Monzón, Tosar gave shape to one of its more complete personages putting itself in the skin of a dangerous prisoner who leads a mutiny in a penitentiary. He prepared the paper mentally for months with visits to prisons and physically with gym hours. Malamadre gave his second Goya to the best actor and Silver Fotogramas, as well as the José María Forqué prize and the Actors Union.

In September 2010 Lope, by Andrucha Waddington, was released, a movie in which Tosar shared a line with Alberto Ammann, Pilar López de Ayala and Leonor Watling. Lope appeared in the unofficial section of the Mostra in Venice and at the Toronto Festival and was very well received by the public and critics. This same year, Tosar had finished filming in Bolivia, along with Gael García Bernal, de la lluvia, the new and perhaps more ambitious production of the director Icíar Bollaín. The film was not commercially released until January 2011, but was selected to represent Spain at the Hollywood Oscars. Curiously, the film had competed, in the pre-selection phase, with two other titles in which Tosar had had to see: Lope and Cell 211.

Net Worth of Luis Tosar

The Net Worth of Luis Tosar in 2017 is $300 Million.

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Full Name Luis Tosar
Net Worth $300 Million
Annual Income$35 Million

Luis Tosar has distinguished himself for his social commitment (he was a leading promoter of the Never Again platform) and for his defense of the Galician language. In 2010 he premiered his new film, 18 meals, by Jorge Coira, while filming the English film Mr. Nice and had another one in the post-production phase that would premiere the following year: While you sleep (2011) by Jaume Balagueró. In ellla, she again coincided with actress Marta Etura (Celda 211), her real-life romantic partner, and embroidered another impressive performance in the role of a disturbing doorman in a building that aims to destroy the life of a tenant.

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